Thursday, 24 November 2016

To Whom This May Concern ________________

To whom it may concern,

I am intensely sorry for what has happened to your beloved region, Canterbury.
Even though your large  region has been destroyed your country will still become your country again. Even though this awful earthquake has hit Canterbury you have survived and you are just very injured and in pain.

As your beloved country has been hit by the earthquake I hope that deep down in my heart that know one has died during this tragic event that has happened here in New Zealand, Canterbury.  Even though your large region has been strikes, your country has still survived and it will grow get fixed and become Canterbury again.

Regards, Quinlan

Friday, 4 November 2016

Which McDonald Burger has the least amount of mold on it ???

This week our science experiment is all about burgers here is a presentation about which McDonald burger will have the least amount of mold on it. We will be updating this slide for 30 days to see how the burgers rot. I hope you enjoy. :) :) :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Patterns and Graphs

This week we have been learning all about Patterns and graphs. Some of the working out we have done on sheets of paper, the questions and answers that we have done was from a awesome maths book that we had to work out on paper. My presentation will be updating so you will see more questions and answer popping up. Just because we are adding somemore awesome answers to this presentation. I hope you enjoy my presentation, and leave a comment.

Regards, Quinlan

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What Matter, Matters


What’s the difference between the three states of matter?
The solid particles are close together. Also you can hold solid things like a rock or a piece of cake. Even a leaf.
With liquids you can not hold it in your hands because it will all just fall or sink straight out of your hand.
You can not see or feel gases mainly air. Gases can sometimes be seen on a cold day when you breath. But normally you can’t see air or gases.

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you learned from this reading.
Matter is anything that takes up space all around us, Matter also could be related to the light and electronics of the world. Also something new that I have learnt is that everything is matter if someone tells you nothing matters, you can tell them that everything is matter. Also people can’t see air or feel air but they also think air isn’t heavy. But once you blow air from your mouth into a balloon or pool floaties the air will start to make them heavier than they were when they weren’t blown up. Because the more air you blow into a balloon the more heavy the balloon gets. Also the more water that is in a drink bottle the more heavy the drink bottle is. But the more water you drink out of the bottle the bottle starts to get less heavy and lighter.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The black plague.

This week we were learning all about viruses and diseases that were happening all around Europe. there was one typical disease that was going on called the black death. It is a very harmful disease, because it can kill you in about three days straight. You start to get boils and big lumps onto your skin.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Moving Houses

The day finally came, a young little boy name Levi with the prettiest blue eyes that glistened in the sun, is leaving all his memories behind. Three weeks ago, Levi’s parents made a huge decision to move houses, but Levi never knew or agreed. A few minutes past, as Levi’s mother sadly went to tell him, but he was to afraid that there was going  to be some bad news coming out from his mother's mouth. So he slowly picked up his bag and speedily quickly ran to school.

Levi was slowly walking home from school he was pondering in his brain what’s the news that is going around, Levi  was thinking and thinking ( did someone die ) Levi was too afraid to ask his mum.  Levi finally got to his home door and pushed his shoes aside, the door creaked open as Levi slowly opened the door. His mother and father were standing right next to the kitchen bench to talk to Levi.
Levi decided to listen and his parents spoke. The large word came out of Levi’s father's mouth ( We are moving?). Levi quickly swept his tears and through his bag onto the concrete floor and speedily ran upstairs. He opened up his rickety door and pulled all his warm blankets of his small little bed.

His mother and father were slowly packing up and throwing everything into the huge loading truck. Levi was sadly watching them through his big opened window, with tears running down his face, and splashing all over his old dead cactus plant.

While Levi’s parents were packing outside Levi sat on his mattress and watched all of his emotional memories that he had at his house. He started to walk around the house where the most loving memories were kept. All safe and sound. Levi’s parents wanted to go see the house but Levi locked himself in his small lonely little room. Levi was allowed to be kept at home by himself for a few hours so his parents went to unpack the truck at the new bigger house 14 blocks away.

Levi watched his parents drive out of the garage and all the way to the new big house on Carrington Avenue, Levi thought that it was a good street but he didn’t like it because he had no friends on his new street. Levi started to ball his eyes out. I ran downstairs to get a drink but as he noticed everything was bare and lonely. Levi was left alone in his old house with nothing but the rickety building.

2 hours past Levi fell asleep but something felt strange he was in his mother’s car all Levi’s clothes were in big black elastic bags in the front seat of the car he yelled out to his mum. “ The house is gone the house is gone “ Cried Levi. It started to turn the sun was setting and the moon was starting to rise up. Levi and his mother arrived at the new big house.
Levi had so much excitement in him he thought to himself that he can make even better memories because there was bigger bedrooms and bigger backyards. He also saw a huge big blue pool.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Quinlan Donald Trump U.S Elections ??

This week we are learning all about Donald Trump and his elections. There is also some questions and answers all about the Democrats and the Republicans. Also what the Republicans believe in and what the Democrats believe in. Some of the Similarities they have that is the same. Republicans and Democrats are very different when it comes to the abortions, healthcare, gay marriage and also taxes, and all about the different ways they handle the money they take from people.