Thursday, 21 March 2013

Quinlans Camp

Last week, we had camp at the school  fields. The force my group did lots of cool activities. The year fives got to learn new games and the year sixes Knew some of the games and some were new.

When we did kayaking with Mr Burt. Mr Burt let me and Dj get to be  first to kayak. Then Dj and I fell out, because it was very wavy. Then we hopped in again and Dj fell and I didn’t fall out. Some of the boys pushed us out it was funny.

Then in our tent me Dj, Alizhay and Jordeen liked sleeping in our tent because it was nice and warm. Dj put her whole head on my pillow, so I went down the bottom of the tent and down the bottom I fell asleep.

I really liked camp because kayaking was very fun because it was my first time. I liked sleeping in our tent because  it was funny and nice. I liked camp thank you for reading my story.

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