Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Oh Otto story

One day miss Underwood told the whole that there was a new kid
called Otto he looked different from the other kids because he was green. But he was the same looking miss Underwood said to the class that he came out of earth.

The next day miss Underwood told the class if Otto needed a hand give him one. Next Otto said to miss Underwood I don’t need a hand i’ve already got too hands said Otto. Miss Underwood said to Otto can you please sit down and be a dear Otto said to miss Underwood I can’t be a dear but I can be a duck Quak quak quak .

Otto was still being like a duck then Charlie joined in next miss Underwood said to Otto please Otto we don’t do that here please go sit down and miss Underwood said to Charlie you know better go sit down. Charlie was angry he didn't know why Otto didn't get in trouble but I did.

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