Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Fat Princess Who Couldn't Smile

Prompt: Write a funny story about a fat princess who couldn’t smile
One sunny day the fat princess called Sophia was walking to school and she asked if she could play with some girls .But they all said no Sophia to herself why did they say no because of my looks or because I can’t smile i think it’s because I can’t smile

The next morning Sophia the fat princess was walking to school again and well she was walking a fat lady just like Sophia said why can’t you smile cause i can’t replied the fat lady . Sophia could not believe it she cried to her self is that me in the future I really need to find someone to help me smile so I won’t be OTL I hope.

When Sophia woke up she shouted out loud mum help me smile I really need to smile I need friends so sophia’s mum tryed and tryed to make her  smile .so her mum got the sealer tape and stuck it on her mouth so she could smile. When Sophia was sleeping her mum ripped the sealer tape . When Sophia woke up she had a big smile on her face sophia screamed out loud mum i’m happy becuase I can smile that was the end of the story

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