Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Researcher In Antarctica

One cold windy day a researcher went to Antarctica. He was trying to get back to his house. But the researcher got lost so he put his tent up and went inside the tent. It was really cold. So he waited and waited until the wind stopped.

Samuel was in Antarctica to study about the animals in Antarctica. Well he was studying  the  researcher was walking back to find his house. Until he saw a little house in the distance so he ran until he got to the house and he made it.It wasn't just
 a house it was his house. 

The researcher got to Antarctica by going on a plane.  When he\ went of the plane he only saw a little building the lady asked why he was in Antarctica he said I am only in Antarctica to study about the animals. so the lady let him stay in the little building he was happy.

He solved it all by telling the lady why he was going to Antarctica and by walking back the way he walked in the first place thats how he got back home.

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