Thursday, 4 July 2013

Kelly Tarlton

On Monday team 4 went to kelly Tarltons. First we came off the bus and then we got into the station. Miss Ouano called what parent we were going with.

When Miss Ouano chose our groups we got to go anywhere in Kelly Tarltons to resaerch it was fun then we got to go in the playground in Kelly tarlton it was so much fun .

Our group and I got to look at the amazing penguins ,fish and stingrays. When we were finnish we went into the little classroom and learnt some more things from Antarctica and Elizebeth

Then we had a little bit of lunch then we went back to research and I researched about penguins
and did all of my research on a presentation.

Kelly Tarlton was really really exiting and joyfull I loved it there and if you go to Kelly Tarlton I hope  you have fun and look at the amazing animals and fact The End.

This is my Kelly Tarltons story and I hope you like it..

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