Friday, 2 August 2013

Brothers birthday!!!!!!!

On Saturday it was my brothers birthday he was turning five years old. It was his hair cut ceremony. It was very fun I got to cut a piece of his hair.

Then I saw Taylor ,Paige,Maddy and Taleisha it was very fun. After we cut his hair we got ready to eat. All of us lined up to eat . After we finished eating we all went to play outside.

After that we watched all the dances. When my cousins danced they told me to dance to it was very fun.Soon after it was finished everyone started to leave then my mum said I can go to Maddy’s for the night, it was fun.

On Sunday night my big sister Juno brought me some warm onsies and a straightner it was red.I said thanks juno for the stuff that you got me.

I really enjoyed my holidays next time I hope she comes again for more stuff for us.

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