Friday, 18 October 2013

The Maritime Mueseum

Guess what? In the holidays I went to the Maritime museum. When I was there I got to dress up as a mermaid and take a picture.Then we got to look in the museum and look at all the amazing things. After a while we went on the Harbour Bridge it was fabulous.

After the boat ride we went to have lunch after lunch we went to watch a Maori puppet show it was funny and cool I loved watching it. After that we did heaps of activities. The best one was going in the dark and scaring Mitchell, because he was scaring me.

Later on we went back on the bus. Zoe by friend got stuck under the chair in the bus I was laughing really loud that was the funniest moment there. While I was laughing Gabriella started to get stuck and it was even funnier.

I had heaps of fun hope you enjoyed my story.

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