Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Narritive piece of writing.

There was once a farmer. His name was Jacob he lived on a street with no neighbours, he was very lonely. But the thing he was so lonely is that he had animals to live with so the farmer wouldn’t get sad so every morning he would go and see the animals and feed them.

So one day he was driving in his tractor and then a cow came and crossed the road. Afterwards the farmer crashed into the muddy water and got really really angry. He was so mad that he would not stop stomping his feet, it was really weird.

Then the farmer got his phone and rang some people to help him fix his tractor, and also to see if the cow was okay. Next the helpers came and helped him get his tractor out. When the farmer went inside he had some tea then went to bed.

The next morning the farmer came out and he saw that his tractor was okay and that the tractor came out of the muddy water. He just needed to clean his tractor. He was very thrilled so when he finished cleaning he went to go skip back inside it was really funny.

So the farmer was very joyful the next day he would never stop being happy. So everyday when he would wake up he would go outside and hop in his clean tractor and he always would be careful for where he was going. So he always looked out for animals that were in the way.

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