Friday, 12 December 2014

Good-Bye 2014 :(

Good-Bye 2014 I am Going to miss you so much. I have really loved working in the Year six block I really don't  want to leave Year six I am going to miss Mr Somerville, Mrs Garden, Mr Goodwin, and Mrs Jacobson. Also I am going to miss all the Teachers that are leaving and not coming back. I am really going to miss you I don't want to be in the Year 7/8 block I want to stay in this Year six block I love being in here.
But I really really really want to say Good-bye  to Mrs Jarman, Miss Ouano, Miss Padget, Mrs Glaze, Miss Tuala, Mr Chongnee, and the rest. I am really going too miss you Thank-you for everything you have done for us in 2014 I am really going to miss. Good-Bye, :( :( :( I can't wait till 2015 I hope I get to visit everyone next year.
Have a Safe and wonderful Holiday and Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

My 2014 Reflection!

My Year 6 2014 Journey This year has Been the best for me because I like being in the  year six block. Why? because you get to learn in three classes  and  learn new things to share on your blog. With the best teachers Mr Somerville, Mrs Garden, Mr Goodwin and Mrs Jacobson. I like to be in year six because it is really fun that we get to learn with our friends and make cool and awesome movies and DLO’s on our own.

The thing that I am really proud of this year is my Reading and Writing.  I am proud of doing it because I am really focused on my learning how? By  always finishing off my work properly, and always getting on with my work. I really love doing reading because it helps me to get better at reading and learning new words. I have moved up two years in reading I am now on age 12 and my real age is 10 so I have moved up a lot.

My second thing that I am proud of is Maths Because I really like learning new strategies on Maths Whizz so I can get better and better. I like doing maths because if it is hard I keep trying and trying to get there, but sometimes I can do it and sometimes I can’t but I keep trying. Xtra Maths I like doing Xtra maths because it makes you learn your basic facts easily. So if Mr Somerville tells me to tell him to say five time tables we can say them like that.

I really want to work on Maths and reading next year because I want to get higher and get good reports and good ages in Maths and Reading And I need to work hard on working together with everyone.  I want to really really change My maths age so I can get higher so I won’t keep staying in  my normal age. I can not wait till next year.

My Final thoughts would have to be getting better at Reading and Writing and just have fun with it. I really want to thank all the teachers that have helped me so much in learning this year, I want to thank Mr Somerville for being the best teacher ever this year  because he has helped me so much in Maths, Reading and Writing He has been the best teacher I have ever had he is so so FUNNY and really Cool at everything. I want to thank Mrs Garden, Mr Goodwin and Mrs Jacobson for everything they have done for me I hope they have a fun time in 2015.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My 2014 Christmas Wish List!!

Today I have just Made my own  2014 Christmas wish list. In my  Christmas list it tells you what five things you want for CHRISTMAS and five things your Don't want for CHRISTMAS! I hope you like it.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Trip To Camp Bentzon!!

My Trip To Kauwau Island By Quinlan from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Last week I did a little movie about Camp Bentzon, Today I have made a little more longer movie so you can see more stuff we did at Camp. My Biggest Highlight about camp was learning lots of stuff and having heaps of FUN. My Favourite activity was Abseiling because I was reall Scary but I got the hang of it and had so much fun.

I really liked Camp Bentzon I wish I could go there again. When the year 6's go next year I think there going to be really exited. The thing I didn't like about camp was the big hike. Why? because there were to BIG killer hills that we had to climb if you don't know what killer hill means it means a steep hill that your have to work up. We had to walk for 45 minutes to get to the beach and back so we were up there for about two and a half hours. I hope you like my movie.

The Interview Part 1

"Hello Class Today will be our Interview day so come along with your parents and talk about your learning." Said my Teacher she is so mean. " What I can't come I have nothing to share I haven't even done much learning so what  am I supposed to say." I said to Juliet."

" Just come along who Cares just look around in class," Juliet said. "But what happens if I get in trouble and they tell me to come to them and tell my parents what where talking  about." "Who care." 

" Home time guys you go home and go get your parents to  come for our interview.' "NOOOOO." I said 
                                           PART 1

Monday, 1 December 2014

Camp Bentzon

Camp Bentzon from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Last week Ashley, Rosalina and I made a movie About Kawau Island/Camp Bentzon. We have made this movie about us traveling  to Camp Bentzon, And enjoying our selves. Because we weren't at Camp Bentzon when we made this movie.

So we just made it up. There are lots of fun and interesting things about this movie I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


"AH MUM there's a monster under my bed." I said screaming out loud, "Oh don't be silly Monster's aren't real." Mum said in a mean voice. " Uhm yes they are." I said.  " Mum can I sleep with you I'm scared I just watched  Micheal Jackson THRILLER it's so so SCARY!!!." I said.

"Time for school Taylor." "Coming mum," "Hey Taylor can I come over to you house tonight," Said my friend Jane." Yeah sure." I said. " Do you want to watch a scary movie with me." Jane said. "Um Ok I will but." " But what." Jane said. "Oh Nothing." 

" AH AH AH Mum." "what." I'm scared.
                                  TO BE CONTINUED

My (Short) Camp Bentzon Movie

Quinlan at Camp Bentzon from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Hi  I have just made a video of our trip to Camp Bentzon, Here is a short little movie that I made. Here are some facts of what are in my Movie.  Next year when the year sixies go there going to be exited. I was exited I was happy. I was Happy because it was really fun we got to learn new things and do things that we haven't done before.

My Favourite Highlight from camp was Having heaps of fun with  My friends and the teachers. My 2nd favourite would have to be Abseiling it was so much fun. I also loved jumping off the warf and the pontoone. It's really fun. Everything is fun there like the Food, Play Ground, Beach, Concourse and the cabins there AWESOME.
                                            :)I hope you enjoy my movie:)


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kawau Island (Camp Bentzon) FUN TRIP

Guess what  all of the Year 6’s at Point England school got to go to Kawau Island (Camp Bentzon). The most enjoyable time at CAMP was the Concert why was it the Concert ? Because we got to watch AMAZING dances and listen to the funniest teachers of course you might know who they are Mr Sommerville and Mr Goodwin they were so FUNNY.

My favourite camp Activity was the Confidence Course it was my Favourite course because Mr Jacobson was teaching it and because some of the courses were HIGH and a little bit SCARY but Mr Jacobson helped us to get over our fairs on the Courses and just have FUN thats why we are at CAMP is to have FUN.

I love being at CAMP because we learn NEW things all the time we were there. The hardest one that I  was struggling on was ABSEILING I was Scared because it was really high and really really FAR DOWN but I got over it and went down I wasn’t scared anymore. Every time after all our rotations are done we have a big FUN TIME in the water. We could choose Out of the warf  or the Pontoon, I was  the only GIRL to jump off the warf because the other girls were SCARED nah just kidding I don’t know why.

I liked all of the rotations they were all awesome BUT THE BEST one was SPOTLIGHT I had the best hiding spots. I loved being at camp I hope we get to go there next time. It was really hard to say Good-Bye to Peter and  Eran they were the people that looked after camp bentzon. Camp Bentzon is the best I hope we will get to go there next time.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Fireworks YAY we had fireworks last night, it  was so fun we had so much of it. We were doing the fireworks all night. We had big ones that made Big noises, big colors and big splashes of fire in the air it was awesome. Here are some photo's

Some of the packs were from BAD BOY fireworks.We got heaps of those and made the biggest noises at the backyard by our house. They were so loud that they frightened my little sister. She was crying. We even had little fireworks that we could hold in our hand and make names and letters.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Snow Quin and EVIL! Rosa Trailer!!!!1

Trailer Of Snow Quin And The Evil Rosa from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Here is a Trailer of the Movie Called Snow Quin and EVIL Rosa. Well I can't tell you the whole thing but I can tell you a little bit. What Happens is that I was walking in the Woods and Evil Rosa gave me a Poisen Apple.

But I didn't know it was a Poisen APPLE so I bit in to it and then I fell into a deep deep deep SLEEP! Only Something can help me wake up but I can not tell you I hope you like our Trailer. I can't wait until our MOVIE comes out.

STOP!!!!!! Chapter 3

"Lunch Time." Said Miss Berry. "Yay it's lunch time!!!! I'm FREE." I said OUT LOUD. "SORRY But you weren't listening so your going to DETENTION!!!!!!, And doing 100 lines." said Miss Meany. "BUT BUT that's not fear all I did was talk when you were talking your so mean." I said. 

" Fine I am making it 200 lines now." Okay Okay I'm sorry please just make me do 10 please." "No it is 100 final office NOW!!! Okay I'm going." wait what about Sarah." I said.

" She did nothing hurry up go." "Hello how can I help you." Said Miss Jarry. She is the Detention teacher she is so so so so  MEAN." I said. Get on the mat." Here is you PAPER go." "what do I write." "I will respect teachers." 

After that you will take it to Mr Kane. WHAT!!! NO NO NO. I didn't to something that bad." 

                    TO BE CONTINUED

Friday, 31 October 2014

it's NOT SO SCARY!!!

It's Not So SARY!!! from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Hi my name is Quinlan Rosalina and I have made a movie about a DOLL that scares a little Girl  and The little girl turns into a DOLL,

Rosalina thinks it is scary at the end because she gets Killed But it isn't scary I hope you like it. More information about this is that when she gets killed. She turns back into a Doll.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Your so IMMATURE!! By Amber and Quinlan

YOUR SO IMMATURE from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo

Hi my name is Quinlan I have made a little MOVIE Of Amber and I FIGHTING and then Amber gets in trouble and gets sent to Mr Burts Office. Just fake though.  Amber was sent to the office for no reason but why.

Know one knows but there is some footage in the movie up here. Try and see what it is. What happens is Amber is sitting on the mat and a teacher that know one knows has sent her to the office But who is that teacher DO YOU KNOW WHO SHE IS!!!! DUNDUNDUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Kidding Me Right! CHAPTER 2

" Hello Class welcome Stone Field High School 2014. We are all going to introduce each other. Because Jamie is mucking around she can go first." " What you got to be kidding me right." "come on hurry up, CHOP-CHOP." OKAY OKAY I am coming." 

HAHA Pork Chop." "Shut Up Sarah." "Hello My name is Jamie Ally Right and I am 14 years old turning 15 in 2 days time." "There done." I said talking in a ROBOT voice.

"Ok the first thing we are about to do  is Writing get your books out please." Said Miss Berry. "What your kidding me right! we do MATH first oh GOSH!!!!." I said in a mad voice. " SHHH this is how we roll now it isn't Intermediate anymore it is Highschool." Lia said. SHE IS MY  BFF!!! So I have to listen to her.

                    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!

Being a good Point Englander (Practice Test)

Why is it good to be a Point Englander, Because if you 

are a Point Englander you will always be treated the way you want to be treated. If you were a Point Englander you would be smart at everything and will always be good at things and you will always be Successful at heaps of things.

Step 1: Is to always listen to people that treat you well and good, like your Teacher, Mum, Dad even your Grand Parents and Caregivers or Staff like teachers who look after you at an after school care or holiday program. WHY is it  good to listen to them. It is good to listen to them because they have been looking after you and have been teaching you how to do things that you didn’t know before and things that you haven’t done and they taught you. They always buy you stuff that you don’t really need. They help you to keep safe and to look up to your older siblings.

Step 2: It isn’t good to do the opposite of a Point Englander because if you do the Opposite you won’t get treated nicely like you would if you were a Point Englander, And you would not be given things that you  would want and you wouldn’t get taught how to do things properly. Point Englanders Never ever give up on anything they keep learning and learning so they could get better in the future. Point Englanders never bully each other and they always respect other people. And look after the little kids.

These are some of the reason’s why you should be a Point Englander, Point Englanders
Never give up like I said they never give up they keep trying and trying until they get it, they never talk back to people like their teachers and caregivers. A good Point Englander is people that follow these simple steps and who will always treat people how to be how they want to be treated.  I like being a Point Englander Because I get to learn lots of new things and meet heaps of people and make heaps of friends with them. Point England School is like a home to me. They keep me safe and happy all the time I Love Being a Point Englander. :)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Amber And Quinlan's Man On The Moon Interview!!!

My Movie 1 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Amber and I have made a video learning about the man on the moon and how he creates a mask and goes to a competition. Amber and I have done an Interview showing you what it is like  to do one and to show you the information we have learnt.

About this book that we have read.  I hope you like it, Here is some information about this book. In the story the boy and his class get's to create a mask and take it to the festival. 

The thing that went wrong with his mask was that it all fell apart. You can find more information about this story online at PES Year 6 Open Learning Environment. Thanks for  Watching my video BYE! :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


"When I woke up in the morning Mum shouted out to me but I didn't listen." "Get up you have school today." Said mum, "Oh NO! I hate school it's the first day of High School, I have to hide I have to do something." I said. "Hurry up Jamie your going to be late." Mum said out loud. 

What am I going to do HMMM, I know I'm going to act sick yeah that's a good Idea. "What are you doing get up get dressed go to school, The bus will be here in 20 minutes time HURRY UP!.." Mum shouted at me.  "My MUM is killing me right now."

"I'm dressed I'm ready what do you want from me now" "Don't talk to me like that." Mum said. Okay Okay sorry." Now go on the bus it's here hurry." "Bye Mum." "Bye." 

"Hey  Idiot it's you again from Middle School I thought you wouldn't make it in your so DUMB." Said Sarah the biggest bully I have ever known.
"Oh I didn't know you made it in I thought you would never pass to, Oh but you did that's so sad.  
                      TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!

Our Campos Work Sheets!

Today we had a reliever and we had to do three compos maps, What I have learnt about these compos sheets is so if I am lost I will know my directions on the compos like North, East, South and West Here is some pictures of my sheets that I did I hope you like it.

Quinlan Holiday Highlight!

In the holidays our family went on vacation to Fiji. When we finished packing we got dropped off to the airport and started to get ready to fly to Fiji, In a few hours time we were boarding onto the plane.

Once we got onto the plane we put our luggage away and sat down. Once we landed it was about 8:30pm, When we got our bags we hopped on to the van to take us to the marina. The marina is a place in Fiji where they keep all their boats to take people to their Island. Once we got to the Marina it was 9:00pm, We all hopped onto the boat and got dropped off to the Island. The fun thing about the boat was that it was really fast and it was at night that was the fun part about it.

When we woke up in the morning we put our togs on and ran straight to the pool, the pool is just like the beach because the pool is big, the water is just like the beach and it has heaps of space in the pool as well as the beach.

We also went to kids club every day to. What we do at kids club is we do fun stuff in the morning we do snorkeling in the afternoon and crab hunting after dinner. If you don’t know what crab hunting is we go into groups find crabs bring them back and have a big crab race with everyone on the Island.

We had so much fun in Fiji I hope we can go there next time.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Writing About Keeping Safe In The Sun!

It is very important to keep safe in the sun because you don’t want to get sun burnt so what you do is wear lots of sunscreen a hat, right clothing, and sunglasses just in case.

The first way to keep safe in the sun is to wear heaps of sunscreen at all times in the sun because  you can get bad headaches and sunburn, if you shower it will sting and hurt really bad. You should wear sunglasses because if you look at the sun you would get sore eyes and you can get color blind to. If you don’t know what Color blind is it is when you look at the sun and then you look at other things you will see different colors. On the things you're looking at and it doesn't look good because it has happened to me a few times.

You should wear a hat at all times out of the pool/Beach so your head doesn't get hot and burn. The kind of good hats to wear is a hat that can cover your Head, Neck, Ears, Nose And face. A hat is important because you can get sunburn on your head and your skin can hurt really bad. including your ears because they can sting under water because it has happened once and I know what it feels like.

Another way to keep safe in the sun is to have the right clothing. Because the sun can get into clothes that aren't right for a hot day, It can burn you and hurt really bad.

It is really good to use all these objects that I have been talking about because it can keep you safe in the sun on a hot sunny day and it won't effect your skin. It is so you can have lots of fun in the sun all day long.

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Missing Girl Chapter 1

                                      Chapter 1


“Where’s Alisha.” I say in a sad voice to Gabby. “I haven’t seen her since the holidays.” Gabriella says. “Oh so I will go look for her after school.” I say  “ Do you want to come with.” I say to Gabby “Yeah sure.” Gabby says. “I’m worried about Alisha.” I say to Gabby, “It’s alright she might just be sick or something.”

“I’m going to Alisha’s house where are you going .” “I’m coming to.” Gabby says. “Is anyone home.” “No ones home.” Gabby says.  “But the door is wide open.” I said in a  panicking voice.” “Alisha are you home,” I shout out at the front door.

“Gabby I’m going to go home it is getting late I will meet you here in the morning Bye.” “Ok see you later.” Oh hi mum,” I say in a high voice, “Why were you late,” “Um I was with Alisha  Yeah I was with Alisha.” “ OK go up stairs and go to bed.” So the next day when Jennifer was walking to school she quickly went to Alisha’s house and was waiting for Gabby. 2  hours later Jennifer was still waiting so Jennifer just knocked on the door, But know one was there. The door was unlocked so Jennifer walked inside and was looking for Alisha, But Jennifer couldn’t find  them anywhere  until she saw blood dripping all over the floor and a dead body.

Jennifer got so scared and screamed. She fainted. 5 hours later she saw all these lights outside. She said “Where am I whats going on.” The policeman said “You were lying on the ground with your eyes shut until  your friend Gabby came and rang the police so now we're here. “  “Are you alright, what happened.” The policeman said. “Um I was waiting for my friend so then I knocked on the door but no one  answered and the door was unlocked so I went in searching for her but then I saw a dead body on the ground  and blood all over it. So I Got a big fright and fainted.” “Ok we are going to take you home.”

Friday, 19 September 2014

Chapter 1 Part 2 Something Goes Wrong At The Beach .

"Hay Mum can I go to the beach." I said, "Who's going first." Mum says. "Um Me and Rebecca ." " Okay but you have to be back at five sharp." "Yes what ever Mum." 

"Wow the sand is extremely hot lets sit down , Wait but where is the Towels."  Georgia you were the one holding them where are they my feet are burning." Rebecca says, "Um I don't know." Georgia says. "We can't go back the sand is to hot." "I'm running straight to the water then." Georgia says in the High pitched voice.

"But my feet are red and sore." Rebecca says. "Well then run," And Rebecca says "NO it is to hot. TO BE CONTINUED!!! ...

Monday, 15 September 2014

Chapter 3 Georgia Gets Friends

While  Georgia was walking to school the next day her friends were being all nice to her. But why DUN DUN DUNNNN. So Georgia was Kind of exited because she had friends again she was happy. But she still wanted to be popular  but  her friends think she doesn't deserve it so Georgia runs away mad.

Her friends saw Georgia and said "Georgia if you keep on behaving like a baby you won't even have friends." So Georgia was thinking about that on the way home and while she was thinking she said "If I keep on behaving like a baby I won't have friends so I will act like I did before this all  started."

When Georgia was walking to school the next day she thought she was popular so she was acting like she was famous but when she did that in school everyone just looked at her and said ew your not popular your normal like everyone else. Georgia was broken inside she was sad.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Free Blog Writing About The Amazing World Of Gumball

Here is a picture of the Amazing world of Gumball I wanted to do a free blog  writing of this because it is one of my favorite cartoons on Cartoon Network
I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Trip to Samoa - Samoan Narrative

One day in my class our Teacher said our whole class is going to Samoa Apia. Amber and I were so excited we couldn't wait until we got there. When the 3:00 bell rang Amber and I went to our houses and packed our bags straight away. We were so happy, Amber and I were chatting on Gmail and talking all about Samoa. The next day when we got to class we were all waiting until everyone got here. When everyone got here we all hopped onto the bus and went  straight to the NZ airport. Once we got to the airport Amber and I were jumping around. 10 minutes later we were all asked to go onto the plane.

2 hours later we landed in Samoa. We all hopped onto the bus and the driver took us to our Hotel room in Apia. Once we packed our stuff away we went to sleep because it was so late it was 12:00 at midnight. In the morning before everyone was awake Amber and I quickly went and hopped onto our bike and started biking down the road for a little bit we left at 6:00.

While we were biking Amber said, “Look at the pretty birds.” I said, “WOW look at the beaches they're awesome!” 2 Minutes later Amber was still looking around and I said, “Watch out Amber.” But she didn't listen so she bumped into a big rock and started to cry. I didn't listen because I couldn't hear her. I thought she was lying but she was crying. So I kept on riding my bike until she said, “Ahhh Quinlan - Help me.” She said it really loud I said, “Shut up you big baby.” But then she kept on going on, So I went over and helped her up.

She said, “Just kidding I just wanted you to come all the way back.” I said, “You're so mean.” But then we kept on going and had a fun time in Apia it was awesome.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Chapter 2 Georgia is Sorry :( :( :(

Georgia Georgia where are you said her Mum. Georgia’s mum ran down to the school Office and complained about Georgia she said wheres Georgia I can’t find her she hasn't come back home. Two hours later Georgia Arrived her mum said I was sick worried and Georgia said sorry mum I was embarrassed at school everyone was mocking me because I made fun of someone and now I’m not the popular girl in school.

If you just stopped being mean to people you would still be popular Said here mum. When Georgia got to school the next day everyone moved away from her when she walked past even her Friends. Georgia was sorry she was sad.

But one day she made a note and printed it like 100 times she put the notes in everyone’s locker so everyone will know that she was sorry Georgia never took a step by her friends or anyone. Georgia was now a Loner.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Kiwi's learning about samoa

This week we had to do a movie about Samoa. What we are teaching people about is the similarities between Samoa and New Zealand. And to tell them what the capital city of Samoa is Apia Taunese is teaching us how to pronounce the words like saying hello in Samoan and thank you.

When people force you to do something
The hard things are when you say something and we do the idea then other people  change it and say no lets do something else  it is annoying.

Those are all the things I hate.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chapter 1 Georgia Watson is Embarrassed!!!

Georgia-May Watson lived in a big country  called the USA but she had school in NYC. she lived there with her family. In her family she has a big brother that was always mean to her she had a mum and dad a little sister that she loves and last but not least a annoying puppy that can talk that's why it is annoying.

One day Georgia was walking to school. She was one of the popular girls in the school but she was really mean. So then she tuned unpopular. She was sad everyone was mocking her.

So she ran in the toilets and didn't come out till after school. When she heard the bell ring she sneaked out while no one was looking. She was embarrassed. Why wasn't she popular maybe because she was mean to other girls.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Facts about Squash!!!

Did you know that Squash has been played for 140 years that's a lot.Did you know squash is just like tennis but tennis has a net to play with and squash doesn't have a  
net to play with. Squash has a line that you have to play with. You have to hit the ball over the line. The amount of points you need to have is about fifteen or twenty one points.

Monday, 4 August 2014

The world war 1

Why today is special. Today is special because it is reminding us about the world war 1 and how it all started we are so lucky they did this fight so we all could be alive. And did you know that most of the countries fighted for us. And that it all started when a man shot another man then countries started the war and it got bigger and bigger.

It is so that that lots of men who were fighting never came back alive for some of them they are lucky they came  back but they were really injured. Lots of women were really sad. Gallipoli is so important to New Zealand because Each year on Anzac Day, New Zealanders and Australians mark the anniversary of the Gallipoli landings of 25 April 1915. On that day, thousands of young men, far from their homes, stormed the beaches on the Gallipoli Peninsula in what is now Turkey.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My High Bar Animation

Hi This is my animation. I have learnt how to do a quick DLO in one week. This animation is about the high bar. When competing in the high bar you have to have chalk on you hands so you won't get blisters and so you can have grip. In my animation you will see all the stuff I have learnt about the high bar and listen to my voice over for more information about the high bar . I hope you like it BYE :) :) :)

And If you want to know how to do the giant on the high bar you swing really fast like your on a real swing and then keep going round and round and round until you want to stop that's how you do a giant. I got all this information from research and story books so you can get information from there too. !!!!! :) :) :)

Friday, 25 July 2014

My Holiday Highight

Last week on Wednesday we went down to the movies up north. I went with my brother. We went to go watch the Maleficent it was a cool movie but really long  while I was watching my brother gave me a fright I was angry. Later on that day I was so tired then I went to sleep  on the couch and woke up at 3.00 in the Afternoon because we left at 10 in the morning so that was a big sleep in.

The next day it was really windy and we had to stay inside all day. While we were inside we were watching all the stuff blowing around it was cool. What I saw was lots of tree’s fallen over a big sign blowing in the wind and lots of rubbish. When we woke up in the morning we went to go see what happened down at the beach. At the beach there was rubbish everywhere heaps of trees and logs on the sand and dead fish and other sea animals.

So My brother and I went to pick up the dead sea animals with gloves and plastic bags. It smelt bad I nearly puked. Later on that day we sat down and did nothing I was so bored. So then we went down to the park and played on it for about half an hour then went on our scooter back home it was fun on our scooters.

On the second week of the holidays we went to go see the animals at the petting place and it was only two dollars to get in after we paid I went to go pat the puppies first and then the rabbits. When I picked up the rabbit the lady told me to be careful because it is scared if it’s not touching the ground and because it was six weeks old. So I picked it up and then suddenly I dropped it because it scratched me and my arm was bleeding.

These school holidays were the best I had so much fun. I wish I could go there again in the next school holiday’s I don’t wait. I am expecting next holidays to be the same.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

How I became a superhero!!!

The day I became a superhero. Not really
Hi my is Alice Jones I am normal not that normal cause I have superpowers  and they are cold and icy powers and I am 16 years old wow I’m young. Not that young No one knows I have powers not even my parents it’s a secret.

In 2004 when I was 7 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night and ran to the window, it sounded like a fallen drivel of snow, it was! I saw snow falling from the midnight sky, it was amazing! I grabbed my coat, boots, knitted hat and ran outside the front door I found it was fake snow. When I stepped outside it didn’t feel like snow at all, anyway, it didn’t even snow in my country! Uh oh. When I stepped outside I fell into a deep pit, some person said, “Want some icy snow powers, little dear?”. I replied, “Icy snow powers?! Yes, yes!” The person gave me snowy ice powers, and that is how I have icy snow powers.

Then when I was walking down the street I saw a castle and it was making me really weak I couldn’t move I was trying to move my powers and struck who ever's keeping me away from them. Oh no it’s ugly women she’s hurting me how am I going to solve this.

Ok what are we going to do I’m panicking wait lets try and sneak in and take the magic metal to make me get my powers back but how her castle is surrounded with guards lets try a potion and make me small lets try that cause my mum has heaps of potion yes I hope my plan will work lets go.

So I’m small I’m in the room with the metal in it but the metal is big now it was small before ok I bought a potion to make me big again lets go ew this is yuck well I’m big now she has gotten me what am I going to do yes I have a little bit of ice to freeze her lets try it yes  I froze her now I can get my powers back yay I’ve gotten them back thats how you solve a crime.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Egg experiment

Here is a picture of my instructions of my egg experiment on the photo it shows you the things you will need for the experiment so you can make one at home I hope you like it.!!!! :)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Scuba diving

Gear Name
Used for
A Gauge is like a time that tells you when to get up. So if you've run out of gas they the gauge will tell you
Scuba tank
Keeping the air inside of the tank to breath the air out of it
You use snorkels to look and see underwater.
Diving suit
You use a diving suit to swim  underwater and so you won’t  get scraped on rocks and hurt your skin.
Life jacket
you use a life jacket to keep you safe and make you float if you’re lost in the sea.
diving gun
you use a diving gun to kill the food you want to eat.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hot Summer's day.


It was a hot summers day. My feet are burning ouch that hurts my feet are red. I can’t run it is too hot .So I put my sandals on and ran to the shower to cool myself down then my feet was nice and cold. So then I walked on the grass where it wasn't hot.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The boat race!

In this photo that is down here with one will make the  boat work and swim around the pool with way is it. THERE IS FOUR WAYS please comment down below if you have the answer. ?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The lightest wood in the world? Is Whau wood

Our reading group have been reading about Whau wood. And i have learnt that in the book it said that   possums love eating the whau wood seeds and that is why there is no trees left.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

New South And Queensland State Origin.

On Wednesday the rugby league played and the New south wales won there game and Queensland lost there game sorry people that go for the Queensland team but New south wales won .