Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Holiday Highlight

In the holidays I was so excited that we went to the Langham hotel for dinner.When we got there the people at the Langham showed us where to go. and they showed us where all the food stations were. I went to the sushi station first later on when my sushi was finished my mum and I had some butter chicken.So when it was finished I went to go get a icecream and Mushmallows on a stick covered in the choclate fountain It was Delicious .

Later on in the week we went to go watch Frozen in Cinemas it is a very cool Movie the snowman Oluf is very cute and funny .I love the movie frozen its cool and funny.My holidays were awsome.After the movies we had a water slide and it was fun I mean it was fun .The water slide had a waiting pool and and I stayed in it and only went down the slide once .

Last week Mum and I went up North to Paihia and When we first got there we had some lunch then we went to the beach and had a big swim it was so fun.After a while we walked up a big hill then we came back down then later we had some dinner and dessert and watched some movie the movies were alright.It was time to go to bed after our movies I was super Tired so we hopped into bed and went to sleep.

The next morning I had a long walk down the road with my baby sister in the pram her name is Alexandra we call her Alex for short.We were there for long I was sweating hard out.While we were waiting for our mum to pick us up then they came and took us to the beach and we played in the sand and water all day we were tired when we got home but it was fun.

The next was pouring hard so we went  home when we got home we unpacked and watched some tv then we went to Hansen's and had lunch there.I was full after I ate there so then we went home and relaxed all day until it was darkish and watch a little tv then went to bed I hope you like my Holiday highlight writing.

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