Saturday, 31 May 2014

New South And Queensland State Origin.

On Wednesday the rugby league played and the New south wales won there game and Queensland lost there game sorry people that go for the Queensland team but New south wales won .

Thursday, 29 May 2014


The titanic sunk because it got hit by an iceberg and then it got big holes in the boat then water started to go into it. There were 2229 people on the titanic boat and half of them got killed because they froze to death.
On the titanic the captain thought that they should take half of the boats of the ship because they thought it would be safe enough for the people on board.


Tuesday, 27 May 2014


This term our school plays badminton
and my maths class goes to badminton every Tuesdays when we play badminton before we start playing it we warm up and play stuck in the mud.
We play stuck in the mud like about two times and.

after that we line up in two lines and get our bats and shuttles and then we get a buddy and do backhand for a while if you don’t know  what backhand is it means you put your hand behind your bat and play like that.

after we finish doing that we do a challenge there is four groups and Danny will give you a number my number was 1 and there is two nets and 3 and 4 go on the other side and do the challenge and 1 and 2 go on the other side for the challenge there is one line on one side and one line on the other side and you have to keep playing and the last one standing wins.

After the challenge we all go in a circle with our bat and shuttle and Danny puts a box of shuttles in the middle of the circle and then one by one have to try and aym the shuttle and if you miss you have to do 3 laps around the hall after that we thank Danny for teaching us badminton then we go back to class.

Friday, 16 May 2014

My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday it was my birthday and here is some picture how I had fun on my birthday like me and my little buddy Alex. And my friends. my Birthday is on May 15th and Happy birthday to Mr S's wife. I am 10 years old Alex is the little boy.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Floating and Sinking

Floating and Sinking

Have you wondered why stones sink and sticks float? Well the stones sink because it is very  hard and heavy and sticks float because they are light. If the Upthrust is greater than the sticks weight it will float but if the weight is greater than the upthrust it will  sink .

Monday, 12 May 2014

Basket boats

Here is a picture of a basket boat that I drawed a  picture of a basket boat that is called a thung chai

Basket boats

Here is a picture of how far it takes to get to Quy Nhon in Vietnam from our school. On a plane it takes 20 hours and 55 minutes to get there wow thats a lot.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thung chai

This week we have been reading about basket boats they are called Thung chai . They come from Vietnam. Here is a map that shows a picture of how far from NewZealand.

Big Nate In the Zone, Book Review

This week we got new books from Mrs Jacobson to read for SSR. 
The book that I picked is called Big Nate In the Zone.  Here is my review so far.

The book is about a boy called Nate who always gets in trouble. 
I am up to chapter 4 at the moment. In the story so far, Nate and his friend have gone back into the past when cavemen were alive, they see a girl called Maya. She is screaming for help while she is stuck in the tree because there is a sabretooth tiger chasing her. Chad helped Maya out of the tree. 
I have been reading the book for a week and now I'm up to chapter 10.

The part I like the best so far is when Nate drew some cool comic pictures on his shoes and now everyone is copying him because they think it is awesome. 

The part of the book I didn't like is when a mean boy called Marcus  bullied Nate's Best friend Chad. Marcus was picking on Chad  because he was hanging out with his friends which made Marcus jealous and angry. 

I can't wait to finish reading the book.

Watch this space for an update.

 Here is some pictures of my book. Since I've been reading it gets better and better everyday. I love my new book.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Holiday Highlight

In the holidays my brother and I had a pajama party at youthtown. In the morning we played just dance 4 on the wii. Then when everyone got here we got our nails done and we had mud mask on our face and tattoos.

Later on we set up the room for our glow party. After that we turned all the lights off and made it all dark then we all went to the office and put glow glasses on us and all stuff that makes us glow then we danced played heaps of games and played with the balloons.

After a while we kept it all dark and had a vote what movie we should watch the movies were the katy Perry movie, Cloudy with the chance of meatballs 2, and monsters university.
At four thirty we made charm bracelets and first you colour in the pictures then put them in the oven and when it comes out it is small and then we stuck them on the string.

On Saturday at three o’clock we went to the alice in wonderland play and when we got there we had a little bit of food and then when we were going to our seats I saw Marilyn and Quasia. when it started I found out that the lady that played alice she was the lady off kidzone. After the play was finish we got to get the people in the plays autograph I got everyone. After that we went to Mcdonalds and when I ate into my burger my tooth fell out it was awesome. After that we played in the playground then after that we went home and I fell asleep.

Buoyancy Will it sink or float