Tuesday, 27 May 2014


This term our school plays badminton
and my maths class goes to badminton every Tuesdays when we play badminton before we start playing it we warm up and play stuck in the mud.
We play stuck in the mud like about two times and.

after that we line up in two lines and get our bats and shuttles and then we get a buddy and do backhand for a while if you don’t know  what backhand is it means you put your hand behind your bat and play like that.

after we finish doing that we do a challenge there is four groups and Danny will give you a number my number was 1 and there is two nets and 3 and 4 go on the other side and do the challenge and 1 and 2 go on the other side for the challenge there is one line on one side and one line on the other side and you have to keep playing and the last one standing wins.

After the challenge we all go in a circle with our bat and shuttle and Danny puts a box of shuttles in the middle of the circle and then one by one have to try and aym the shuttle and if you miss you have to do 3 laps around the hall after that we thank Danny for teaching us badminton then we go back to class.

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  1. Nice work writing your badminton recount Quinlan. I love how you have used paragraphs to separate your ideas, it makes it so easy to read.


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