Thursday, 3 July 2014

How I became a superhero!!!

The day I became a superhero. Not really
Hi my is Alice Jones I am normal not that normal cause I have superpowers  and they are cold and icy powers and I am 16 years old wow I’m young. Not that young No one knows I have powers not even my parents it’s a secret.

In 2004 when I was 7 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night and ran to the window, it sounded like a fallen drivel of snow, it was! I saw snow falling from the midnight sky, it was amazing! I grabbed my coat, boots, knitted hat and ran outside the front door I found it was fake snow. When I stepped outside it didn’t feel like snow at all, anyway, it didn’t even snow in my country! Uh oh. When I stepped outside I fell into a deep pit, some person said, “Want some icy snow powers, little dear?”. I replied, “Icy snow powers?! Yes, yes!” The person gave me snowy ice powers, and that is how I have icy snow powers.

Then when I was walking down the street I saw a castle and it was making me really weak I couldn’t move I was trying to move my powers and struck who ever's keeping me away from them. Oh no it’s ugly women she’s hurting me how am I going to solve this.

Ok what are we going to do I’m panicking wait lets try and sneak in and take the magic metal to make me get my powers back but how her castle is surrounded with guards lets try a potion and make me small lets try that cause my mum has heaps of potion yes I hope my plan will work lets go.

So I’m small I’m in the room with the metal in it but the metal is big now it was small before ok I bought a potion to make me big again lets go ew this is yuck well I’m big now she has gotten me what am I going to do yes I have a little bit of ice to freeze her lets try it yes  I froze her now I can get my powers back yay I’ve gotten them back thats how you solve a crime.

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