Friday, 25 July 2014

My Holiday Highight

Last week on Wednesday we went down to the movies up north. I went with my brother. We went to go watch the Maleficent it was a cool movie but really long  while I was watching my brother gave me a fright I was angry. Later on that day I was so tired then I went to sleep  on the couch and woke up at 3.00 in the Afternoon because we left at 10 in the morning so that was a big sleep in.

The next day it was really windy and we had to stay inside all day. While we were inside we were watching all the stuff blowing around it was cool. What I saw was lots of tree’s fallen over a big sign blowing in the wind and lots of rubbish. When we woke up in the morning we went to go see what happened down at the beach. At the beach there was rubbish everywhere heaps of trees and logs on the sand and dead fish and other sea animals.

So My brother and I went to pick up the dead sea animals with gloves and plastic bags. It smelt bad I nearly puked. Later on that day we sat down and did nothing I was so bored. So then we went down to the park and played on it for about half an hour then went on our scooter back home it was fun on our scooters.

On the second week of the holidays we went to go see the animals at the petting place and it was only two dollars to get in after we paid I went to go pat the puppies first and then the rabbits. When I picked up the rabbit the lady told me to be careful because it is scared if it’s not touching the ground and because it was six weeks old. So I picked it up and then suddenly I dropped it because it scratched me and my arm was bleeding.

These school holidays were the best I had so much fun. I wish I could go there again in the next school holiday’s I don’t wait. I am expecting next holidays to be the same.

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  1. Hi Quinlan i really liked your story about your holidays i liked when you woke up at 3.00 that was really funny i really enjoy that.I am so happy that i read your story Quinlan.


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