Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Chapter 2 Georgia is Sorry :( :( :(

Georgia Georgia where are you said her Mum. Georgia’s mum ran down to the school Office and complained about Georgia she said wheres Georgia I can’t find her she hasn't come back home. Two hours later Georgia Arrived her mum said I was sick worried and Georgia said sorry mum I was embarrassed at school everyone was mocking me because I made fun of someone and now I’m not the popular girl in school.

If you just stopped being mean to people you would still be popular Said here mum. When Georgia got to school the next day everyone moved away from her when she walked past even her Friends. Georgia was sorry she was sad.

But one day she made a note and printed it like 100 times she put the notes in everyone’s locker so everyone will know that she was sorry Georgia never took a step by her friends or anyone. Georgia was now a Loner.

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  1. That was a sad story that I was reading about Georgia. He was sad and lonely no one to be with and no one to play with. I'm heart broken now but who cares about that, I like your writing Quinlan it is amazing and wonderful. It is really cool reading this story and i'm loving it. Have a nice day Quinlan and have fun together with you friends.



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