Monday, 22 September 2014

The Missing Girl Chapter 1

                                      Chapter 1


“Where’s Alisha.” I say in a sad voice to Gabby. “I haven’t seen her since the holidays.” Gabriella says. “Oh so I will go look for her after school.” I say  “ Do you want to come with.” I say to Gabby “Yeah sure.” Gabby says. “I’m worried about Alisha.” I say to Gabby, “It’s alright she might just be sick or something.”

“I’m going to Alisha’s house where are you going .” “I’m coming to.” Gabby says. “Is anyone home.” “No ones home.” Gabby says.  “But the door is wide open.” I said in a  panicking voice.” “Alisha are you home,” I shout out at the front door.

“Gabby I’m going to go home it is getting late I will meet you here in the morning Bye.” “Ok see you later.” Oh hi mum,” I say in a high voice, “Why were you late,” “Um I was with Alisha  Yeah I was with Alisha.” “ OK go up stairs and go to bed.” So the next day when Jennifer was walking to school she quickly went to Alisha’s house and was waiting for Gabby. 2  hours later Jennifer was still waiting so Jennifer just knocked on the door, But know one was there. The door was unlocked so Jennifer walked inside and was looking for Alisha, But Jennifer couldn’t find  them anywhere  until she saw blood dripping all over the floor and a dead body.

Jennifer got so scared and screamed. She fainted. 5 hours later she saw all these lights outside. She said “Where am I whats going on.” The policeman said “You were lying on the ground with your eyes shut until  your friend Gabby came and rang the police so now we're here. “  “Are you alright, what happened.” The policeman said. “Um I was waiting for my friend so then I knocked on the door but no one  answered and the door was unlocked so I went in searching for her but then I saw a dead body on the ground  and blood all over it. So I Got a big fright and fainted.” “Ok we are going to take you home.”

Friday, 19 September 2014

Chapter 1 Part 2 Something Goes Wrong At The Beach .

"Hay Mum can I go to the beach." I said, "Who's going first." Mum says. "Um Me and Rebecca ." " Okay but you have to be back at five sharp." "Yes what ever Mum." 

"Wow the sand is extremely hot lets sit down , Wait but where is the Towels."  Georgia you were the one holding them where are they my feet are burning." Rebecca says, "Um I don't know." Georgia says. "We can't go back the sand is to hot." "I'm running straight to the water then." Georgia says in the High pitched voice.

"But my feet are red and sore." Rebecca says. "Well then run," And Rebecca says "NO it is to hot. TO BE CONTINUED!!! ...

Monday, 15 September 2014

Chapter 3 Georgia Gets Friends

While  Georgia was walking to school the next day her friends were being all nice to her. But why DUN DUN DUNNNN. So Georgia was Kind of exited because she had friends again she was happy. But she still wanted to be popular  but  her friends think she doesn't deserve it so Georgia runs away mad.

Her friends saw Georgia and said "Georgia if you keep on behaving like a baby you won't even have friends." So Georgia was thinking about that on the way home and while she was thinking she said "If I keep on behaving like a baby I won't have friends so I will act like I did before this all  started."

When Georgia was walking to school the next day she thought she was popular so she was acting like she was famous but when she did that in school everyone just looked at her and said ew your not popular your normal like everyone else. Georgia was broken inside she was sad.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Free Blog Writing About The Amazing World Of Gumball

Here is a picture of the Amazing world of Gumball I wanted to do a free blog  writing of this because it is one of my favorite cartoons on Cartoon Network
I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Trip to Samoa - Samoan Narrative

One day in my class our Teacher said our whole class is going to Samoa Apia. Amber and I were so excited we couldn't wait until we got there. When the 3:00 bell rang Amber and I went to our houses and packed our bags straight away. We were so happy, Amber and I were chatting on Gmail and talking all about Samoa. The next day when we got to class we were all waiting until everyone got here. When everyone got here we all hopped onto the bus and went  straight to the NZ airport. Once we got to the airport Amber and I were jumping around. 10 minutes later we were all asked to go onto the plane.

2 hours later we landed in Samoa. We all hopped onto the bus and the driver took us to our Hotel room in Apia. Once we packed our stuff away we went to sleep because it was so late it was 12:00 at midnight. In the morning before everyone was awake Amber and I quickly went and hopped onto our bike and started biking down the road for a little bit we left at 6:00.

While we were biking Amber said, “Look at the pretty birds.” I said, “WOW look at the beaches they're awesome!” 2 Minutes later Amber was still looking around and I said, “Watch out Amber.” But she didn't listen so she bumped into a big rock and started to cry. I didn't listen because I couldn't hear her. I thought she was lying but she was crying. So I kept on riding my bike until she said, “Ahhh Quinlan - Help me.” She said it really loud I said, “Shut up you big baby.” But then she kept on going on, So I went over and helped her up.

She said, “Just kidding I just wanted you to come all the way back.” I said, “You're so mean.” But then we kept on going and had a fun time in Apia it was awesome.