Monday, 22 September 2014

The Missing Girl Chapter 1

                                      Chapter 1


“Where’s Alisha.” I say in a sad voice to Gabby. “I haven’t seen her since the holidays.” Gabriella says. “Oh so I will go look for her after school.” I say  “ Do you want to come with.” I say to Gabby “Yeah sure.” Gabby says. “I’m worried about Alisha.” I say to Gabby, “It’s alright she might just be sick or something.”

“I’m going to Alisha’s house where are you going .” “I’m coming to.” Gabby says. “Is anyone home.” “No ones home.” Gabby says.  “But the door is wide open.” I said in a  panicking voice.” “Alisha are you home,” I shout out at the front door.

“Gabby I’m going to go home it is getting late I will meet you here in the morning Bye.” “Ok see you later.” Oh hi mum,” I say in a high voice, “Why were you late,” “Um I was with Alisha  Yeah I was with Alisha.” “ OK go up stairs and go to bed.” So the next day when Jennifer was walking to school she quickly went to Alisha’s house and was waiting for Gabby. 2  hours later Jennifer was still waiting so Jennifer just knocked on the door, But know one was there. The door was unlocked so Jennifer walked inside and was looking for Alisha, But Jennifer couldn’t find  them anywhere  until she saw blood dripping all over the floor and a dead body.

Jennifer got so scared and screamed. She fainted. 5 hours later she saw all these lights outside. She said “Where am I whats going on.” The policeman said “You were lying on the ground with your eyes shut until  your friend Gabby came and rang the police so now we're here. “  “Are you alright, what happened.” The policeman said. “Um I was waiting for my friend so then I knocked on the door but no one  answered and the door was unlocked so I went in searching for her but then I saw a dead body on the ground  and blood all over it. So I Got a big fright and fainted.” “Ok we are going to take you home.”

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