Friday, 19 September 2014

Chapter 1 Part 2 Something Goes Wrong At The Beach .

"Hay Mum can I go to the beach." I said, "Who's going first." Mum says. "Um Me and Rebecca ." " Okay but you have to be back at five sharp." "Yes what ever Mum." 

"Wow the sand is extremely hot lets sit down , Wait but where is the Towels."  Georgia you were the one holding them where are they my feet are burning." Rebecca says, "Um I don't know." Georgia says. "We can't go back the sand is to hot." "I'm running straight to the water then." Georgia says in the High pitched voice.

"But my feet are red and sore." Rebecca says. "Well then run," And Rebecca says "NO it is to hot. TO BE CONTINUED!!! ...

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