Monday, 15 September 2014

Chapter 3 Georgia Gets Friends

While  Georgia was walking to school the next day her friends were being all nice to her. But why DUN DUN DUNNNN. So Georgia was Kind of exited because she had friends again she was happy. But she still wanted to be popular  but  her friends think she doesn't deserve it so Georgia runs away mad.

Her friends saw Georgia and said "Georgia if you keep on behaving like a baby you won't even have friends." So Georgia was thinking about that on the way home and while she was thinking she said "If I keep on behaving like a baby I won't have friends so I will act like I did before this all  started."

When Georgia was walking to school the next day she thought she was popular so she was acting like she was famous but when she did that in school everyone just looked at her and said ew your not popular your normal like everyone else. Georgia was broken inside she was sad.


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  1. This is an awesome and magnificent story you have written Quinlan, Georgia is such a silly silly girl and her behavior is so annoying. I have to admit you are a pretty, good story teller and you should write more about stories too. Keep on working hard Quinlan and enjoy your life also, take care bye.


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