Friday, 31 October 2014

it's NOT SO SCARY!!!

It's Not So SARY!!! from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Hi my name is Quinlan Rosalina and I have made a movie about a DOLL that scares a little Girl  and The little girl turns into a DOLL,

Rosalina thinks it is scary at the end because she gets Killed But it isn't scary I hope you like it. More information about this is that when she gets killed. She turns back into a Doll.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Your so IMMATURE!! By Amber and Quinlan

YOUR SO IMMATURE from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo

Hi my name is Quinlan I have made a little MOVIE Of Amber and I FIGHTING and then Amber gets in trouble and gets sent to Mr Burts Office. Just fake though.  Amber was sent to the office for no reason but why.

Know one knows but there is some footage in the movie up here. Try and see what it is. What happens is Amber is sitting on the mat and a teacher that know one knows has sent her to the office But who is that teacher DO YOU KNOW WHO SHE IS!!!! DUNDUNDUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Kidding Me Right! CHAPTER 2

" Hello Class welcome Stone Field High School 2014. We are all going to introduce each other. Because Jamie is mucking around she can go first." " What you got to be kidding me right." "come on hurry up, CHOP-CHOP." OKAY OKAY I am coming." 

HAHA Pork Chop." "Shut Up Sarah." "Hello My name is Jamie Ally Right and I am 14 years old turning 15 in 2 days time." "There done." I said talking in a ROBOT voice.

"Ok the first thing we are about to do  is Writing get your books out please." Said Miss Berry. "What your kidding me right! we do MATH first oh GOSH!!!!." I said in a mad voice. " SHHH this is how we roll now it isn't Intermediate anymore it is Highschool." Lia said. SHE IS MY  BFF!!! So I have to listen to her.

                    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!

Being a good Point Englander (Practice Test)

Why is it good to be a Point Englander, Because if you 

are a Point Englander you will always be treated the way you want to be treated. If you were a Point Englander you would be smart at everything and will always be good at things and you will always be Successful at heaps of things.

Step 1: Is to always listen to people that treat you well and good, like your Teacher, Mum, Dad even your Grand Parents and Caregivers or Staff like teachers who look after you at an after school care or holiday program. WHY is it  good to listen to them. It is good to listen to them because they have been looking after you and have been teaching you how to do things that you didn’t know before and things that you haven’t done and they taught you. They always buy you stuff that you don’t really need. They help you to keep safe and to look up to your older siblings.

Step 2: It isn’t good to do the opposite of a Point Englander because if you do the Opposite you won’t get treated nicely like you would if you were a Point Englander, And you would not be given things that you  would want and you wouldn’t get taught how to do things properly. Point Englanders Never ever give up on anything they keep learning and learning so they could get better in the future. Point Englanders never bully each other and they always respect other people. And look after the little kids.

These are some of the reason’s why you should be a Point Englander, Point Englanders
Never give up like I said they never give up they keep trying and trying until they get it, they never talk back to people like their teachers and caregivers. A good Point Englander is people that follow these simple steps and who will always treat people how to be how they want to be treated.  I like being a Point Englander Because I get to learn lots of new things and meet heaps of people and make heaps of friends with them. Point England School is like a home to me. They keep me safe and happy all the time I Love Being a Point Englander. :)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Amber And Quinlan's Man On The Moon Interview!!!

My Movie 1 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Amber and I have made a video learning about the man on the moon and how he creates a mask and goes to a competition. Amber and I have done an Interview showing you what it is like  to do one and to show you the information we have learnt.

About this book that we have read.  I hope you like it, Here is some information about this book. In the story the boy and his class get's to create a mask and take it to the festival. 

The thing that went wrong with his mask was that it all fell apart. You can find more information about this story online at PES Year 6 Open Learning Environment. Thanks for  Watching my video BYE! :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


"When I woke up in the morning Mum shouted out to me but I didn't listen." "Get up you have school today." Said mum, "Oh NO! I hate school it's the first day of High School, I have to hide I have to do something." I said. "Hurry up Jamie your going to be late." Mum said out loud. 

What am I going to do HMMM, I know I'm going to act sick yeah that's a good Idea. "What are you doing get up get dressed go to school, The bus will be here in 20 minutes time HURRY UP!.." Mum shouted at me.  "My MUM is killing me right now."

"I'm dressed I'm ready what do you want from me now" "Don't talk to me like that." Mum said. Okay Okay sorry." Now go on the bus it's here hurry." "Bye Mum." "Bye." 

"Hey  Idiot it's you again from Middle School I thought you wouldn't make it in your so DUMB." Said Sarah the biggest bully I have ever known.
"Oh I didn't know you made it in I thought you would never pass to, Oh but you did that's so sad.  
                      TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!

Our Campos Work Sheets!

Today we had a reliever and we had to do three compos maps, What I have learnt about these compos sheets is so if I am lost I will know my directions on the compos like North, East, South and West Here is some pictures of my sheets that I did I hope you like it.

Quinlan Holiday Highlight!

In the holidays our family went on vacation to Fiji. When we finished packing we got dropped off to the airport and started to get ready to fly to Fiji, In a few hours time we were boarding onto the plane.

Once we got onto the plane we put our luggage away and sat down. Once we landed it was about 8:30pm, When we got our bags we hopped on to the van to take us to the marina. The marina is a place in Fiji where they keep all their boats to take people to their Island. Once we got to the Marina it was 9:00pm, We all hopped onto the boat and got dropped off to the Island. The fun thing about the boat was that it was really fast and it was at night that was the fun part about it.

When we woke up in the morning we put our togs on and ran straight to the pool, the pool is just like the beach because the pool is big, the water is just like the beach and it has heaps of space in the pool as well as the beach.

We also went to kids club every day to. What we do at kids club is we do fun stuff in the morning we do snorkeling in the afternoon and crab hunting after dinner. If you don’t know what crab hunting is we go into groups find crabs bring them back and have a big crab race with everyone on the Island.

We had so much fun in Fiji I hope we can go there next time.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Writing About Keeping Safe In The Sun!

It is very important to keep safe in the sun because you don’t want to get sun burnt so what you do is wear lots of sunscreen a hat, right clothing, and sunglasses just in case.

The first way to keep safe in the sun is to wear heaps of sunscreen at all times in the sun because  you can get bad headaches and sunburn, if you shower it will sting and hurt really bad. You should wear sunglasses because if you look at the sun you would get sore eyes and you can get color blind to. If you don’t know what Color blind is it is when you look at the sun and then you look at other things you will see different colors. On the things you're looking at and it doesn't look good because it has happened to me a few times.

You should wear a hat at all times out of the pool/Beach so your head doesn't get hot and burn. The kind of good hats to wear is a hat that can cover your Head, Neck, Ears, Nose And face. A hat is important because you can get sunburn on your head and your skin can hurt really bad. including your ears because they can sting under water because it has happened once and I know what it feels like.

Another way to keep safe in the sun is to have the right clothing. Because the sun can get into clothes that aren't right for a hot day, It can burn you and hurt really bad.

It is really good to use all these objects that I have been talking about because it can keep you safe in the sun on a hot sunny day and it won't effect your skin. It is so you can have lots of fun in the sun all day long.