Thursday, 30 October 2014

Being a good Point Englander (Practice Test)

Why is it good to be a Point Englander, Because if you 

are a Point Englander you will always be treated the way you want to be treated. If you were a Point Englander you would be smart at everything and will always be good at things and you will always be Successful at heaps of things.

Step 1: Is to always listen to people that treat you well and good, like your Teacher, Mum, Dad even your Grand Parents and Caregivers or Staff like teachers who look after you at an after school care or holiday program. WHY is it  good to listen to them. It is good to listen to them because they have been looking after you and have been teaching you how to do things that you didn’t know before and things that you haven’t done and they taught you. They always buy you stuff that you don’t really need. They help you to keep safe and to look up to your older siblings.

Step 2: It isn’t good to do the opposite of a Point Englander because if you do the Opposite you won’t get treated nicely like you would if you were a Point Englander, And you would not be given things that you  would want and you wouldn’t get taught how to do things properly. Point Englanders Never ever give up on anything they keep learning and learning so they could get better in the future. Point Englanders never bully each other and they always respect other people. And look after the little kids.

These are some of the reason’s why you should be a Point Englander, Point Englanders
Never give up like I said they never give up they keep trying and trying until they get it, they never talk back to people like their teachers and caregivers. A good Point Englander is people that follow these simple steps and who will always treat people how to be how they want to be treated.  I like being a Point Englander Because I get to learn lots of new things and meet heaps of people and make heaps of friends with them. Point England School is like a home to me. They keep me safe and happy all the time I Love Being a Point Englander. :)

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