Wednesday, 22 October 2014


"When I woke up in the morning Mum shouted out to me but I didn't listen." "Get up you have school today." Said mum, "Oh NO! I hate school it's the first day of High School, I have to hide I have to do something." I said. "Hurry up Jamie your going to be late." Mum said out loud. 

What am I going to do HMMM, I know I'm going to act sick yeah that's a good Idea. "What are you doing get up get dressed go to school, The bus will be here in 20 minutes time HURRY UP!.." Mum shouted at me.  "My MUM is killing me right now."

"I'm dressed I'm ready what do you want from me now" "Don't talk to me like that." Mum said. Okay Okay sorry." Now go on the bus it's here hurry." "Bye Mum." "Bye." 

"Hey  Idiot it's you again from Middle School I thought you wouldn't make it in your so DUMB." Said Sarah the biggest bully I have ever known.
"Oh I didn't know you made it in I thought you would never pass to, Oh but you did that's so sad.  
                      TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!


  1. That was the worst nightmare I ever heard, things just get worst and worst and worst doesn't it RIGHT?. we'll leave that question for later it always freaks, me out whenever I hear about nightmare stories well not that much. But i'm glad it's just a dream. Keep dreaming of things you love like tooth fairy's and, others but i know you hate fairy tales. Have a great day and also with your friends catch you later.

  2. Quinlan,
    My name is Justin Thompson and i am a student from the University of South Alabama. This does sound like a horrible nightmare. Nice job telling your story keep up the good work.


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