Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Writing About Keeping Safe In The Sun!

It is very important to keep safe in the sun because you don’t want to get sun burnt so what you do is wear lots of sunscreen a hat, right clothing, and sunglasses just in case.

The first way to keep safe in the sun is to wear heaps of sunscreen at all times in the sun because  you can get bad headaches and sunburn, if you shower it will sting and hurt really bad. You should wear sunglasses because if you look at the sun you would get sore eyes and you can get color blind to. If you don’t know what Color blind is it is when you look at the sun and then you look at other things you will see different colors. On the things you're looking at and it doesn't look good because it has happened to me a few times.

You should wear a hat at all times out of the pool/Beach so your head doesn't get hot and burn. The kind of good hats to wear is a hat that can cover your Head, Neck, Ears, Nose And face. A hat is important because you can get sunburn on your head and your skin can hurt really bad. including your ears because they can sting under water because it has happened once and I know what it feels like.

Another way to keep safe in the sun is to have the right clothing. Because the sun can get into clothes that aren't right for a hot day, It can burn you and hurt really bad.

It is really good to use all these objects that I have been talking about because it can keep you safe in the sun on a hot sunny day and it won't effect your skin. It is so you can have lots of fun in the sun all day long.

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  1. Those are heaps of information that, you have written about how to stay out of the sun. I've been through those kind of things, it just get worst whenever you get sun-burnt. It is so painful but enjoy playing with your friends, and also to others keep safe make sure you don't turn dark brown if you play too much in the sun so that's all I have to say catch you later next time.

    Good Luck!!!


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