Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Quinlan Holiday Highlight!

In the holidays our family went on vacation to Fiji. When we finished packing we got dropped off to the airport and started to get ready to fly to Fiji, In a few hours time we were boarding onto the plane.

Once we got onto the plane we put our luggage away and sat down. Once we landed it was about 8:30pm, When we got our bags we hopped on to the van to take us to the marina. The marina is a place in Fiji where they keep all their boats to take people to their Island. Once we got to the Marina it was 9:00pm, We all hopped onto the boat and got dropped off to the Island. The fun thing about the boat was that it was really fast and it was at night that was the fun part about it.

When we woke up in the morning we put our togs on and ran straight to the pool, the pool is just like the beach because the pool is big, the water is just like the beach and it has heaps of space in the pool as well as the beach.

We also went to kids club every day to. What we do at kids club is we do fun stuff in the morning we do snorkeling in the afternoon and crab hunting after dinner. If you don’t know what crab hunting is we go into groups find crabs bring them back and have a big crab race with everyone on the Island.

We had so much fun in Fiji I hope we can go there next time.

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  1. Wow Quiny you holiday highlight story is good I bet that Fiji was so cool and fun keep it up


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