Thursday, 30 October 2014

Your Kidding Me Right! CHAPTER 2

" Hello Class welcome Stone Field High School 2014. We are all going to introduce each other. Because Jamie is mucking around she can go first." " What you got to be kidding me right." "come on hurry up, CHOP-CHOP." OKAY OKAY I am coming." 

HAHA Pork Chop." "Shut Up Sarah." "Hello My name is Jamie Ally Right and I am 14 years old turning 15 in 2 days time." "There done." I said talking in a ROBOT voice.

"Ok the first thing we are about to do  is Writing get your books out please." Said Miss Berry. "What your kidding me right! we do MATH first oh GOSH!!!!." I said in a mad voice. " SHHH this is how we roll now it isn't Intermediate anymore it is Highschool." Lia said. SHE IS MY  BFF!!! So I have to listen to her.

                    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!

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