Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kawau Island (Camp Bentzon) FUN TRIP

Guess what  all of the Year 6’s at Point England school got to go to Kawau Island (Camp Bentzon). The most enjoyable time at CAMP was the Concert why was it the Concert ? Because we got to watch AMAZING dances and listen to the funniest teachers of course you might know who they are Mr Sommerville and Mr Goodwin they were so FUNNY.

My favourite camp Activity was the Confidence Course it was my Favourite course because Mr Jacobson was teaching it and because some of the courses were HIGH and a little bit SCARY but Mr Jacobson helped us to get over our fairs on the Courses and just have FUN thats why we are at CAMP is to have FUN.

I love being at CAMP because we learn NEW things all the time we were there. The hardest one that I  was struggling on was ABSEILING I was Scared because it was really high and really really FAR DOWN but I got over it and went down I wasn’t scared anymore. Every time after all our rotations are done we have a big FUN TIME in the water. We could choose Out of the warf  or the Pontoon, I was  the only GIRL to jump off the warf because the other girls were SCARED nah just kidding I don’t know why.

I liked all of the rotations they were all awesome BUT THE BEST one was SPOTLIGHT I had the best hiding spots. I loved being at camp I hope we get to go there next time. It was really hard to say Good-Bye to Peter and  Eran they were the people that looked after camp bentzon. Camp Bentzon is the best I hope we will get to go there next time.

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