Monday, 3 November 2014

STOP!!!!!! Chapter 3

"Lunch Time." Said Miss Berry. "Yay it's lunch time!!!! I'm FREE." I said OUT LOUD. "SORRY But you weren't listening so your going to DETENTION!!!!!!, And doing 100 lines." said Miss Meany. "BUT BUT that's not fear all I did was talk when you were talking your so mean." I said. 

" Fine I am making it 200 lines now." Okay Okay I'm sorry please just make me do 10 please." "No it is 100 final office NOW!!! Okay I'm going." wait what about Sarah." I said.

" She did nothing hurry up go." "Hello how can I help you." Said Miss Jarry. She is the Detention teacher she is so so so so  MEAN." I said. Get on the mat." Here is you PAPER go." "what do I write." "I will respect teachers." 

After that you will take it to Mr Kane. WHAT!!! NO NO NO. I didn't to something that bad." 

                    TO BE CONTINUED

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