Friday, 12 December 2014

Good-Bye 2014 :(

Good-Bye 2014 I am Going to miss you so much. I have really loved working in the Year six block I really don't  want to leave Year six I am going to miss Mr Somerville, Mrs Garden, Mr Goodwin, and Mrs Jacobson. Also I am going to miss all the Teachers that are leaving and not coming back. I am really going to miss you I don't want to be in the Year 7/8 block I want to stay in this Year six block I love being in here.
But I really really really want to say Good-bye  to Mrs Jarman, Miss Ouano, Miss Padget, Mrs Glaze, Miss Tuala, Mr Chongnee, and the rest. I am really going too miss you Thank-you for everything you have done for us in 2014 I am really going to miss. Good-Bye, :( :( :( I can't wait till 2015 I hope I get to visit everyone next year.
Have a Safe and wonderful Holiday and Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

My 2014 Reflection!

My Year 6 2014 Journey This year has Been the best for me because I like being in the  year six block. Why? because you get to learn in three classes  and  learn new things to share on your blog. With the best teachers Mr Somerville, Mrs Garden, Mr Goodwin and Mrs Jacobson. I like to be in year six because it is really fun that we get to learn with our friends and make cool and awesome movies and DLO’s on our own.

The thing that I am really proud of this year is my Reading and Writing.  I am proud of doing it because I am really focused on my learning how? By  always finishing off my work properly, and always getting on with my work. I really love doing reading because it helps me to get better at reading and learning new words. I have moved up two years in reading I am now on age 12 and my real age is 10 so I have moved up a lot.

My second thing that I am proud of is Maths Because I really like learning new strategies on Maths Whizz so I can get better and better. I like doing maths because if it is hard I keep trying and trying to get there, but sometimes I can do it and sometimes I can’t but I keep trying. Xtra Maths I like doing Xtra maths because it makes you learn your basic facts easily. So if Mr Somerville tells me to tell him to say five time tables we can say them like that.

I really want to work on Maths and reading next year because I want to get higher and get good reports and good ages in Maths and Reading And I need to work hard on working together with everyone.  I want to really really change My maths age so I can get higher so I won’t keep staying in  my normal age. I can not wait till next year.

My Final thoughts would have to be getting better at Reading and Writing and just have fun with it. I really want to thank all the teachers that have helped me so much in learning this year, I want to thank Mr Somerville for being the best teacher ever this year  because he has helped me so much in Maths, Reading and Writing He has been the best teacher I have ever had he is so so FUNNY and really Cool at everything. I want to thank Mrs Garden, Mr Goodwin and Mrs Jacobson for everything they have done for me I hope they have a fun time in 2015.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My 2014 Christmas Wish List!!

Today I have just Made my own  2014 Christmas wish list. In my  Christmas list it tells you what five things you want for CHRISTMAS and five things your Don't want for CHRISTMAS! I hope you like it.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Trip To Camp Bentzon!!

My Trip To Kauwau Island By Quinlan from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Last week I did a little movie about Camp Bentzon, Today I have made a little more longer movie so you can see more stuff we did at Camp. My Biggest Highlight about camp was learning lots of stuff and having heaps of FUN. My Favourite activity was Abseiling because I was reall Scary but I got the hang of it and had so much fun.

I really liked Camp Bentzon I wish I could go there again. When the year 6's go next year I think there going to be really exited. The thing I didn't like about camp was the big hike. Why? because there were to BIG killer hills that we had to climb if you don't know what killer hill means it means a steep hill that your have to work up. We had to walk for 45 minutes to get to the beach and back so we were up there for about two and a half hours. I hope you like my movie.

The Interview Part 1

"Hello Class Today will be our Interview day so come along with your parents and talk about your learning." Said my Teacher she is so mean. " What I can't come I have nothing to share I haven't even done much learning so what  am I supposed to say." I said to Juliet."

" Just come along who Cares just look around in class," Juliet said. "But what happens if I get in trouble and they tell me to come to them and tell my parents what where talking  about." "Who care." 

" Home time guys you go home and go get your parents to  come for our interview.' "NOOOOO." I said 
                                           PART 1

Monday, 1 December 2014

Camp Bentzon

Camp Bentzon from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Last week Ashley, Rosalina and I made a movie About Kawau Island/Camp Bentzon. We have made this movie about us traveling  to Camp Bentzon, And enjoying our selves. Because we weren't at Camp Bentzon when we made this movie.

So we just made it up. There are lots of fun and interesting things about this movie I hope you enjoy it.