Friday, 12 December 2014

Good-Bye 2014 :(

Good-Bye 2014 I am Going to miss you so much. I have really loved working in the Year six block I really don't  want to leave Year six I am going to miss Mr Somerville, Mrs Garden, Mr Goodwin, and Mrs Jacobson. Also I am going to miss all the Teachers that are leaving and not coming back. I am really going to miss you I don't want to be in the Year 7/8 block I want to stay in this Year six block I love being in here.
But I really really really want to say Good-bye  to Mrs Jarman, Miss Ouano, Miss Padget, Mrs Glaze, Miss Tuala, Mr Chongnee, and the rest. I am really going too miss you Thank-you for everything you have done for us in 2014 I am really going to miss. Good-Bye, :( :( :( I can't wait till 2015 I hope I get to visit everyone next year.
Have a Safe and wonderful Holiday and Merry Christmas!!

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