Monday, 7 December 2015

A Poem About Me.

My name is Quinlan, and I come from a family of five. My mum, dad, brother, sister and I. The Chameleon that is here shows you my cultural patterns,

It isn’t that colorful but it’s really beautiful. My Dad comes from a small island, in the Cook Islands. My Mum is Half Maori also Russian and German.

My Dad was born in the Cook Islands, and my mum was born in New Zealand,
That is all I know about my cultures, My Chameleon shows all the patterns I drew.

I hope you enjoyed this poem please leave a comment down below. Sincerely made by Quinlan.

Monday, 30 November 2015

The Frog Life Cycle

This term team 5 have been learning about Adaption and Survival. Today I have drawn a life cycle of how a frogs life works. On the picture I have drawn it shows how the frog works. First the adult frog lays the eggs, the frogs then turn into Tadpoles, later on the Tadpoles grow legs, then the tadpole turns into a young frog, that it finally turns into a Adult frog. The frog life cycle goes on and on, that's how it works for frogs.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Term 4 Immersion Assembly..

“BEEP BEEP BEEP” the alarm went off, I was so exhausted  from waking up this early,because I was used to sleeping in in the holidays, I knew it was the first day of school even  I was trying to ignore the alarm I was busting to use the bathroom. Because we had to leave straight away my brother was using the bathroom, so I just had to hold until we got home.

Finally we arrived at school, I was scared to hop out and see all my friends. well I did it anyways. “BRRRING” Ring the bell did ring it was time for us to go to the hall for immersion assembly, I took one step into the hall doors still half asleep, then I saw Mr Burt dressed up in something very weird I was shocked. Mr Burt’s costume woke me up right but I still wasn’t happy. Because I was so tired from the holidays.

The movies and acting had now started. First up was Mr Burt’s Movie, it was about a Parrot named Fiapoko. The movies and acting really made me laugh and smile, especially Team 4’s Movie.

This term  Team 1  are learning all about animals and how they adapted to survive in their surroundings and habitats. They will be going to the Zoo this term 1.  Next up was Team 2 they will be learning about Dinosaurs this term, I also think that they will be attending the Dinosaur Museum.

Team 3’s turn was next they will be making their own dinosaurs up, like the teachers did. For example Miss Kings dinosaur was called Bossarapter, also Mr Blakey’s dinosaur is named Manasaures.

Team 4 was next there learning about how animals adapt and survive in their surroundings, there movie was about some year 6 kids from their block in a green screen and trying to guess what animals were behind them, and where they think they are. I thought that Desmond was the funniest out of all of them, because he was dancing and saying funny answers to the questions Mr Sommerville gave him.

Last but not least was our Team, Team 5 we are also learning about how animals adapt and survive in their surroundings. They also did kind of a play/acting. There was also a challenge they had to do. They had to eat a whole plate of noodles the fastest by using chop sticks. Miss Clark won that challenge because she is from Asia and she normally uses chopsticks. The other teachers were mad because there countrys didn’t know how to use chopsticks because their countries are different for example there countries were like, Tonga, Samoa, England and something else. They said they don’t use chopsticks, Miss Ingram said she was from England and she uses a fork, Miss Peato said she uses her hands the same as Miss Misella.

I think that Team 5’s one was the best out of all of them. Because there one was the most interesting one out of all of them. I hope this term we get to learn how to do heaps of fun stuff about survival and adaption, also I hope we get t do the noodle challenge we are going to have heaps of fun this last term.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Quinlan Thinking Blocks ( Ratios )

Today in numeracy we are learning about ratios. We had to answer some questions, on a site called thinking blocks. If you don't know what thinking blocks is, it is a maths site where you can do different kinds of maths strategies. We are learning about ratios on the site. Here is a presentation about my working out and answers for it. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spend, Share, Save Presentation

This presentation is about saving money, also what I want to save my money for.You will see a slide that shows you a list of ten things I want to save up for when I grow up.  There are about 4 slides that I have answered for Week 5's Presentation, I hope you like it.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Our Attitude Talks.

This Wednesday a man called Dan, came into the Team 5 Street. He came for the Attitude talks. I thought he was really funny to me, He came in to talk to us, about loads of stuff. To be honest most of it was fun, but 3% of the whole thing was a tiny bit, boring.

Some of the things he talked about was, that boys/girls are different,  Backstabbing,Friendship, What a good friend is, and a load of more fun stuff. The best thing he told us, that I thought was cool, is when he told us a story, about a boy who threw Corn-beef at a big person. It was sooo funny.

The last time we had the Attitude talks a man called Nate was talking to us. I think that Dan and Nate know each other. The last time Nate came he was talking about. Puberty, but when Dan came over he was talking about how to be a good friend.

Here is a little bit of information about Dan.... Dan's full name is Dan Ackerman, Dan has just joined the Attitude Team, also Dan has driven by a strong desire to see young people hope and live a fun-filled life.

In some of the photos Dan showed us there was a man that looked just like Nate, But Dan said it wasn’t him. Well the man in the photo had long hair. But Nate has short hair. I hope you I liked this piece of writing I have told you, the Attitude talk was so much fun. I hope we get to learn more stuff next year.
 This is Nate.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Immersion Assembly Term 3

                                   Immersion Assembly Term 3

Yesterday in the morning we had our Immersion Assembly for term 3.
When team 5 walked inside the hall we saw a lot of kids with fake money and numbers. Mr Burt was selling heaps of junk to all the kids who had the amount of money he said. This terms theme is called, Trade and Enter Pri$e.  

First up was Team 1, this term team 1 is learning all about how to earn money and jobs. They had a really coll little movie about them buying stuff at the Markets and the costing of them.

Team 2 was next, they are learning about Ice Cream, I wish team 5 was learning about Ice Cream. They are doing something really cool they have a diagram and doing stuff like, who likes the most Chocolate Ice Cream and who likes  the most Vanilla Ice Cream. They also might be making there own Ice Cream.

Team 3 is learning about what you want to be when you grow up. Team 3's  ideas are really cool. Why because they made a really funny video about them when they grow up. The video was about the song YMCA. Mr Blakey was dressed as a Police, Mrs Trimble was a Soldier, Miss Squires was a builder.

Team 4, is learning about the Emotions of spending money. Team 4 has the best Theme ever there theme is based on the new movie Inside Out. Mrs Jacobson was the reader, Mr Somerville was acting as Sassy ( one of the Emotions). Mrs Lavakula was Extra Happy, Mr Goodwin was Calm, Last but not least Mr Bax was the little boy.

Team 5, is learning about being Financially responsible, that means you have to know how to spend your money wisely. In the acting for team 5 Mr  Wiseman was the Dad, Mr Barks was the Wife, and Miss Clark, Miss Peato and Mrs Moala were the GOOD GUYS there aren't really  the GOOD GUYS there like the bad guys.

This term is going to be awesome and so much fun.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Future Thinkers Presentation

Today in Class we had to make our own Presentation about Future Thinkers. Think this Presentation was a little bit hard but I finished it and I think that I have done good I hope you like my Presentation and leave a Comment on my blog Thank-You Bye :) :) :)

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

8 Year old Boy Smuggled Into Spain

Spanish Police say that there was a 8 Year old boy smuggled into a Suitcase. When they put the Suitcase threw the Scanner at the Spain  Airport the operator noticed something Strange, an outline of a person appeared on the Screen.

When the Suitcase was opened they found the boy from the Ivory Coast the West of Africa . In bad shape, the women who the bag belonged to was arrested when he tried to cross the border a few hours later.

Thousands of people each year risk their lives  trying to enter Spain. Try and search for a better life. Other people try to smuggle themselves over the border hidden in Cars, Trucks, and any Vehicles. They also try to swim onto a boat or something in the Ocean.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Presentation About Technolgy

As you can see there is a Presentation that has facts about technology and how they work, and what I think technology is I hope you enjoy reading my presentation and also leave me a Comment.

Friday, 22 May 2015

My Presentation About Anzac ANZAC BISCUITS

Today at school Team 5 had Zeal Zone we have Zeal Zone every Friday There are 5 groups and I was in the Last one so every next Friday we might do something different that is about the World War One or Tinkering Tools and Toys. 
Image result for Anzac Biscuits

Today I am with Mrs Tele'a. We had more than 35  kids in our Class for Zeal Zone, we all made Anzac Biscuits. In the first block we had to do  a Presentation about Anzac Biscuits verses Ginger Nuts . We had to just fill in the Presentation, We all watched a video about  ( How To Make Anzac Biscuits ). 

From the video we had to find what ingredients we had to put in our bowl for the Biscuits and how much or less you need. Here is My presentation and I hope you like it. Please give me some Comments. :) :) :)!!!!!!   

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

First World War Mascots Presentation

Today In Class We had to do our own Presentation about the World War One Mascots. Here it is I hope you like it.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Literacy Miss Clark WW1 Slides

Today in class I have made my own presentation about the WW1 and what Mascot I like and Why I like it.  I picked a dog because it is really helpful and Supportive. Here is it. I hpe you like it.
Facts about the World War One.
Image result for ww1 photos
Today I'm am going to tell you some interesting Facts about the World War One.  ...   Did you know Some people that got shot were unknown that means they were people that got shot and there face has change so Families don't know if that Child is There's. 

Another fact is that Loads of Animals went to the War to ? What kind of animals ? well Donkey's Were used for Water Supplies and Many more. Also For bringing back Injured Soldiers Wounded Soldiers and Shot down Soldiers.  Dogs Were used to Sniff for dead Soldiers also Wounded and Injured soldiers to. And Horses were to bring the Bombs Guns and other stuff. And the Rest were to be Mascots.

Did you know 18,000 Soldiers died in the WW1, 41,000 were injured, Wounded and also Ill. 100,000 New Zealand soldiers  were served overseas. 5 soldiers were executed. If you don't know what that is it is when if your in the war and you don't go you go to jail and they chop your head off, or shoot you in the face.  EEWW isn't that gross. 

Inquiry Zeal Zone Post

Image result for World war 1Today in the Year seven and 8 block we had Zeal Zone from 10:00 am till 1:00pm including Lunchtime and Morning tea. Here is a picture of our Inquiry WW1 Blog post. 

In Mrs Moala's class we did this, we had to have a Date and the find 5 facts about that date. We change to different Zeal Zone groups every Friday. Like Music, Cooking, History, art and More here are some photo's of the World War One.