Friday, 13 March 2015

Tamaki College

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Are you looking for a college for your child to attend to
If you are you should go to Tamaki College. I believe that all students that are currently in year 8 this year should attend Tamaki college, when they finish intermediate. Also Pt England students should attend Tamaki college  when they are year 8’s. When they finish primary school, they go to intermediate then they go to college. Which should be Tamaki College.

WANT TO: I really want to go to Tamaki College because you get to keep your Netbooks/Chromebooks when you are there so you can save money and you don’t have to buy stationary there. If you go to a different College you won’t get to keep your Netbooks/Chromebooks.

THE BEST:  Tamaki College is the way to go, It is the best school in this Community. It is cheap, You will only need to pay $30 Every term isn’t that really good. Even  their results in NCEA has improving, also there reports have gone even better. Tamaki college is the school for your child to  attend to.

DON’T:  If you don’t want  your child to go to  Tamaki College than us students will tell you to go to Tamaki College Tamaki college is the best school in auckland you should really go to Tamaki College it will help your child get even better In each subjects. The teachers are extremely nice. But maybe sometimes they will be a little bit mean.

TECHNOLOGY :  Did you know that if you’re in year 7/8 and you attend Pt England school, you will go to Technology there. The Year 8’s go on Tuesdays and the Year 7’s go on Thursdays. The subjects that the year 7/8s do that are available are Cooking, Music, Graphics hard materials and other subjects it is so much fun I really want to go to Tamaki College. Also did you know people from Pt england school go to Tamaki College to play sports. Wow Pt England school is always involved with Tamaki College. Isn’t that Amazing.

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