Thursday, 26 March 2015

Yr 7&8 Maths With Mrs Tale'a

This year in Term one In have enjoyed my awesome journey with Mrs Tale'a's maths class. Here is some pictures and fun things I have done with Mrs Tale'a. Down below there is some photo's of what we do everyday I love my maths class. If you don't know what FAST FACTS are there like little reminders so if we get a test we will know what strategys to use.
 Miss Tito's work we do this every Monday with her. 
 Activity's that we do everyday with Mrs Tale'a.
 More Activity's we do with Mrs Tale'a everyday and it is FUN!
 My Times tables that I keep in my book so if I forget my x tables and can go to the back of my book and look at them so I won't forget.
Last but not least my Fast facts everyday before we start anything in maths we do our fast facts.

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