Thursday, 28 May 2015

My Presentation About Technolgy

As you can see there is a Presentation that has facts about technology and how they work, and what I think technology is I hope you enjoy reading my presentation and also leave me a Comment.

Friday, 22 May 2015

My Presentation About Anzac ANZAC BISCUITS

Today at school Team 5 had Zeal Zone we have Zeal Zone every Friday There are 5 groups and I was in the Last one so every next Friday we might do something different that is about the World War One or Tinkering Tools and Toys. 
Image result for Anzac Biscuits

Today I am with Mrs Tele'a. We had more than 35  kids in our Class for Zeal Zone, we all made Anzac Biscuits. In the first block we had to do  a Presentation about Anzac Biscuits verses Ginger Nuts . We had to just fill in the Presentation, We all watched a video about  ( How To Make Anzac Biscuits ). 

From the video we had to find what ingredients we had to put in our bowl for the Biscuits and how much or less you need. Here is My presentation and I hope you like it. Please give me some Comments. :) :) :)!!!!!!   

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

First World War Mascots Presentation

Today In Class We had to do our own Presentation about the World War One Mascots. Here it is I hope you like it.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Literacy Miss Clark WW1 Slides

Today in class I have made my own presentation about the WW1 and what Mascot I like and Why I like it.  I picked a dog because it is really helpful and Supportive. Here is it. I hpe you like it.
Facts about the World War One.
Image result for ww1 photos
Today I'm am going to tell you some interesting Facts about the World War One.  ...   Did you know Some people that got shot were unknown that means they were people that got shot and there face has change so Families don't know if that Child is There's. 

Another fact is that Loads of Animals went to the War to ? What kind of animals ? well Donkey's Were used for Water Supplies and Many more. Also For bringing back Injured Soldiers Wounded Soldiers and Shot down Soldiers.  Dogs Were used to Sniff for dead Soldiers also Wounded and Injured soldiers to. And Horses were to bring the Bombs Guns and other stuff. And the Rest were to be Mascots.

Did you know 18,000 Soldiers died in the WW1, 41,000 were injured, Wounded and also Ill. 100,000 New Zealand soldiers  were served overseas. 5 soldiers were executed. If you don't know what that is it is when if your in the war and you don't go you go to jail and they chop your head off, or shoot you in the face.  EEWW isn't that gross. 

Inquiry Zeal Zone Post

Image result for World war 1Today in the Year seven and 8 block we had Zeal Zone from 10:00 am till 1:00pm including Lunchtime and Morning tea. Here is a picture of our Inquiry WW1 Blog post. 

In Mrs Moala's class we did this, we had to have a Date and the find 5 facts about that date. We change to different Zeal Zone groups every Friday. Like Music, Cooking, History, art and More here are some photo's of the World War One.