Friday, 8 May 2015

Facts about the World War One.
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Today I'm am going to tell you some interesting Facts about the World War One.  ...   Did you know Some people that got shot were unknown that means they were people that got shot and there face has change so Families don't know if that Child is There's. 

Another fact is that Loads of Animals went to the War to ? What kind of animals ? well Donkey's Were used for Water Supplies and Many more. Also For bringing back Injured Soldiers Wounded Soldiers and Shot down Soldiers.  Dogs Were used to Sniff for dead Soldiers also Wounded and Injured soldiers to. And Horses were to bring the Bombs Guns and other stuff. And the Rest were to be Mascots.

Did you know 18,000 Soldiers died in the WW1, 41,000 were injured, Wounded and also Ill. 100,000 New Zealand soldiers  were served overseas. 5 soldiers were executed. If you don't know what that is it is when if your in the war and you don't go you go to jail and they chop your head off, or shoot you in the face.  EEWW isn't that gross. 

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