Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Immersion Assembly Term 3

                                   Immersion Assembly Term 3

Yesterday in the morning we had our Immersion Assembly for term 3.
When team 5 walked inside the hall we saw a lot of kids with fake money and numbers. Mr Burt was selling heaps of junk to all the kids who had the amount of money he said. This terms theme is called, Trade and Enter Pri$e.  

First up was Team 1, this term team 1 is learning all about how to earn money and jobs. They had a really coll little movie about them buying stuff at the Markets and the costing of them.

Team 2 was next, they are learning about Ice Cream, I wish team 5 was learning about Ice Cream. They are doing something really cool they have a diagram and doing stuff like, who likes the most Chocolate Ice Cream and who likes  the most Vanilla Ice Cream. They also might be making there own Ice Cream.

Team 3 is learning about what you want to be when you grow up. Team 3's  ideas are really cool. Why because they made a really funny video about them when they grow up. The video was about the song YMCA. Mr Blakey was dressed as a Police, Mrs Trimble was a Soldier, Miss Squires was a builder.

Team 4, is learning about the Emotions of spending money. Team 4 has the best Theme ever there theme is based on the new movie Inside Out. Mrs Jacobson was the reader, Mr Somerville was acting as Sassy ( one of the Emotions). Mrs Lavakula was Extra Happy, Mr Goodwin was Calm, Last but not least Mr Bax was the little boy.

Team 5, is learning about being Financially responsible, that means you have to know how to spend your money wisely. In the acting for team 5 Mr  Wiseman was the Dad, Mr Barks was the Wife, and Miss Clark, Miss Peato and Mrs Moala were the GOOD GUYS there aren't really  the GOOD GUYS there like the bad guys.

This term is going to be awesome and so much fun.