Monday, 19 October 2015

Term 4 Immersion Assembly..

“BEEP BEEP BEEP” the alarm went off, I was so exhausted  from waking up this early,because I was used to sleeping in in the holidays, I knew it was the first day of school even  I was trying to ignore the alarm I was busting to use the bathroom. Because we had to leave straight away my brother was using the bathroom, so I just had to hold until we got home.

Finally we arrived at school, I was scared to hop out and see all my friends. well I did it anyways. “BRRRING” Ring the bell did ring it was time for us to go to the hall for immersion assembly, I took one step into the hall doors still half asleep, then I saw Mr Burt dressed up in something very weird I was shocked. Mr Burt’s costume woke me up right but I still wasn’t happy. Because I was so tired from the holidays.

The movies and acting had now started. First up was Mr Burt’s Movie, it was about a Parrot named Fiapoko. The movies and acting really made me laugh and smile, especially Team 4’s Movie.

This term  Team 1  are learning all about animals and how they adapted to survive in their surroundings and habitats. They will be going to the Zoo this term 1.  Next up was Team 2 they will be learning about Dinosaurs this term, I also think that they will be attending the Dinosaur Museum.

Team 3’s turn was next they will be making their own dinosaurs up, like the teachers did. For example Miss Kings dinosaur was called Bossarapter, also Mr Blakey’s dinosaur is named Manasaures.

Team 4 was next there learning about how animals adapt and survive in their surroundings, there movie was about some year 6 kids from their block in a green screen and trying to guess what animals were behind them, and where they think they are. I thought that Desmond was the funniest out of all of them, because he was dancing and saying funny answers to the questions Mr Sommerville gave him.

Last but not least was our Team, Team 5 we are also learning about how animals adapt and survive in their surroundings. They also did kind of a play/acting. There was also a challenge they had to do. They had to eat a whole plate of noodles the fastest by using chop sticks. Miss Clark won that challenge because she is from Asia and she normally uses chopsticks. The other teachers were mad because there countrys didn’t know how to use chopsticks because their countries are different for example there countries were like, Tonga, Samoa, England and something else. They said they don’t use chopsticks, Miss Ingram said she was from England and she uses a fork, Miss Peato said she uses her hands the same as Miss Misella.

I think that Team 5’s one was the best out of all of them. Because there one was the most interesting one out of all of them. I hope this term we get to learn how to do heaps of fun stuff about survival and adaption, also I hope we get t do the noodle challenge we are going to have heaps of fun this last term.