Thursday, 24 November 2016

To Whom This May Concern ________________

To whom it may concern,

I am intensely sorry for what has happened to your beloved region, Canterbury.
Even though your large  region has been destroyed your country will still become your country again. Even though this awful earthquake has hit Canterbury you have survived and you are just very injured and in pain.

As your beloved country has been hit by the earthquake I hope that deep down in my heart that know one has died during this tragic event that has happened here in New Zealand, Canterbury.  Even though your large region has been strikes, your country has still survived and it will grow get fixed and become Canterbury again.

Regards, Quinlan

Friday, 4 November 2016

Which McDonald Burger has the least amount of mold on it ???

This week our science experiment is all about burgers here is a presentation about which McDonald burger will have the least amount of mold on it. We will be updating this slide for 30 days to see how the burgers rot. I hope you enjoy. :) :) :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Patterns and Graphs

This week we have been learning all about Patterns and graphs. Some of the working out we have done on sheets of paper, the questions and answers that we have done was from a awesome maths book that we had to work out on paper. My presentation will be updating so you will see more questions and answer popping up. Just because we are adding somemore awesome answers to this presentation. I hope you enjoy my presentation, and leave a comment.

Regards, Quinlan

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What Matter, Matters


What’s the difference between the three states of matter?
The solid particles are close together. Also you can hold solid things like a rock or a piece of cake. Even a leaf.
With liquids you can not hold it in your hands because it will all just fall or sink straight out of your hand.
You can not see or feel gases mainly air. Gases can sometimes be seen on a cold day when you breath. But normally you can’t see air or gases.

Write 3 sentences explaining something new you learned from this reading.
Matter is anything that takes up space all around us, Matter also could be related to the light and electronics of the world. Also something new that I have learnt is that everything is matter if someone tells you nothing matters, you can tell them that everything is matter. Also people can’t see air or feel air but they also think air isn’t heavy. But once you blow air from your mouth into a balloon or pool floaties the air will start to make them heavier than they were when they weren’t blown up. Because the more air you blow into a balloon the more heavy the balloon gets. Also the more water that is in a drink bottle the more heavy the drink bottle is. But the more water you drink out of the bottle the bottle starts to get less heavy and lighter.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The black plague.

This week we were learning all about viruses and diseases that were happening all around Europe. there was one typical disease that was going on called the black death. It is a very harmful disease, because it can kill you in about three days straight. You start to get boils and big lumps onto your skin.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Moving Houses

The day finally came, a young little boy name Levi with the prettiest blue eyes that glistened in the sun, is leaving all his memories behind. Three weeks ago, Levi’s parents made a huge decision to move houses, but Levi never knew or agreed. A few minutes past, as Levi’s mother sadly went to tell him, but he was to afraid that there was going  to be some bad news coming out from his mother's mouth. So he slowly picked up his bag and speedily quickly ran to school.

Levi was slowly walking home from school he was pondering in his brain what’s the news that is going around, Levi  was thinking and thinking ( did someone die ) Levi was too afraid to ask his mum.  Levi finally got to his home door and pushed his shoes aside, the door creaked open as Levi slowly opened the door. His mother and father were standing right next to the kitchen bench to talk to Levi.
Levi decided to listen and his parents spoke. The large word came out of Levi’s father's mouth ( We are moving?). Levi quickly swept his tears and through his bag onto the concrete floor and speedily ran upstairs. He opened up his rickety door and pulled all his warm blankets of his small little bed.

His mother and father were slowly packing up and throwing everything into the huge loading truck. Levi was sadly watching them through his big opened window, with tears running down his face, and splashing all over his old dead cactus plant.

While Levi’s parents were packing outside Levi sat on his mattress and watched all of his emotional memories that he had at his house. He started to walk around the house where the most loving memories were kept. All safe and sound. Levi’s parents wanted to go see the house but Levi locked himself in his small lonely little room. Levi was allowed to be kept at home by himself for a few hours so his parents went to unpack the truck at the new bigger house 14 blocks away.

Levi watched his parents drive out of the garage and all the way to the new big house on Carrington Avenue, Levi thought that it was a good street but he didn’t like it because he had no friends on his new street. Levi started to ball his eyes out. I ran downstairs to get a drink but as he noticed everything was bare and lonely. Levi was left alone in his old house with nothing but the rickety building.

2 hours past Levi fell asleep but something felt strange he was in his mother’s car all Levi’s clothes were in big black elastic bags in the front seat of the car he yelled out to his mum. “ The house is gone the house is gone “ Cried Levi. It started to turn the sun was setting and the moon was starting to rise up. Levi and his mother arrived at the new big house.
Levi had so much excitement in him he thought to himself that he can make even better memories because there was bigger bedrooms and bigger backyards. He also saw a huge big blue pool.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Quinlan Donald Trump U.S Elections ??

This week we are learning all about Donald Trump and his elections. There is also some questions and answers all about the Democrats and the Republicans. Also what the Republicans believe in and what the Democrats believe in. Some of the Similarities they have that is the same. Republicans and Democrats are very different when it comes to the abortions, healthcare, gay marriage and also taxes, and all about the different ways they handle the money they take from people.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Word Problem - Fractions

This week in our numeracy classes we have been learning all about, fractions and ratio's here is a quick presentation about some questions and answer that we had to multiply and plus to get the equivalent numbers. I hope you enjoy the little presentation of fractions and ratios.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Cross Country

As the tall long black microphone slowly rings for the year 8 girls, at a slow speed I felt a burning sensation of nervousness rush through my steaming body. I slowly walked with a lack of excitement as 1000 butterflies circulated in my stomach. At a slow speed I walked all the way to the white spray painted starting line,I got really nervous for the big tough race. I could loudly hear loads of cheering voices screaming at me as the little kids greatly screamed in a loud volume as we got started for the big race.

Mr Burt leisurely placed his hot red hands onto the big loud red and black slap banger. All the year 8 girls slowly paced themselves and quickly got into their starting positions, Once Mr Burt called out “ Get ready” I felt like I was going to faint. The race finally started, as the whole crowd of nervous year 8 girls rapidly ran their fastest all around the big muddy green grass field. Once I hit the black spiky long gate I could feel a big burn of tiredness in my hot red body.

As I saw most of the fast year eight’s past me I felt very upset so I quickly put one foot in front of the other and sprinted till I made it to the top 5 girls. As I  slowly got half way to get onto my second lap I caught up to some of the fastest girls in year 8. I was thinking to myself as I was running, that I wanted to beat my high score from last year. In my stomach I could feel a bubbly popping feeling in my stomach as it was fastly spinning round and round and round. Like a huge washing machine.

As I slowly jogged past the muddy farm, I feel my toes squishing and squashing between the slimy brown mud. A small group of girls slowly tried  to jog past me but when i saw them to to sprint past me I picked up my speed and tried to catch up to the other small group of 3 girls who were in front of me by 3 metres.

In the hotness of the sun I could hardly see what was in front of me until I slowly started to jog a little but faster. My tempere started to slowly rise down as in the shadows I could see the whole school cheering and the parents standing by as my heart started to beat faster I took a big step and sprinted to the end of my destination. I foot went and I finished the heart beating race.

Olympic Updates ?

This week we have been learning all about the Olympics. Here is an awesome presentation, all about the Olympic injuries and some good updates in the Olympics 2016. I hope you enjoy my facts and updates.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Quinlan A Bumpy Road to Rio

This week room 2's literacy class has been learning all about the Olympics. Here is a presentation of me answering questions all about the bad things that have been happening over time with the Olympics.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How the Olympics came to be.

According to the history of the Olympics. The Ancient Olympics Games were held all the way back to 776 BC. In the history of time, the Olympics games were held in Olympia. It was mostly dedicated for the Olympian Gods, The Olympian Gods were staged on the ancient plains of Olympia. They continued the Olympics Games for nearly 12 Centuries later. Until Emperor Theodosius decreed in 393 AD.  

The Olympic games were held in the western area of Olympia, Which is a city in Greece. According to the Peloponnese Greek Mythology. Comparing this year’s Olympics to the ancient Olympics centuries ago. Various things have changed in the Olympics. In the ancient times, the Greek would not do sports but they would do lots of Fighting and Music, Here are a few of the sports/things they did centuries ago.

The Olympics Sports are for all the top Athletes from around the world to compete in won lucky country to  see who are the top countries of the whole entire world.
The youngest Athlete to compete in the Olympics history was just 10 years old. His name was Dimitrios Loundras. He had received a bronze medal in a small team event. The event he Competed in was Relay Races.

The events were held in the Games where there was Shot put, Sprints, Boxing, and More. But slowly over time the events evolved. But nowadays the Olympics have way more games and sports to play. In the olden days the rewards were leaf crowns and plants or flowers. But now days we just get Gold, Silver and bronze medals. But it means a lot to everyone.

Quinlan Sleep Sleuths

This week our literacy classes have been learning all about Sleeping and  exercise here is a quick presentation about a book call Sleep Sleuths that talks about dreaming the body clock the sleep cycle. And there is also a link that shows you the spreadsheet  of what time year 10's go to sleep. I hope you enjoy my presentation.        

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Quinlan Why Do Our Muscles Hurt ??

This week our Literacy class has been learning all about training and Olympics. Here is a Quick and small little Presentation of me working out some questions and Answers with my Book we had to read called ( Why Do Our Muscles Hurt.) There is also some Key Facts about Training and Muscles. I hope you like it.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Intro Ratios 2016

This week we are learning about Ratio's and Proportions. Today We had to finish a little presentation of fruit and shapes to help us with our ratios. It was kind of an introduction because it was a little bit easy for me. So I hope you enjoy my Questions and Answers for my little Presentation.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A New Start

Once upon a time there lived a young teenager named Katy and she was also an only child, but she loved it. She loved living her young life with no siblings to annoy her so she can have some peace with her parents. Katy also lived in south Africa and she was obviously home schooled in south Africa and she loved it. Because all she got to learn about was south African animals, her favorite animal was the African Giraffe. But her parents wanted her to have a good education so Katy’s parents decided to move her to the United States Of America, for a better education. A few weeks later Katy packed all her clothes even though they weren’t suitable for real High School. So straight away when they arrived to america’s official airport they went for the little walk in there huge ginormous cities for some suitable clothes for high school.

As Katy and her mum went for a little walk around New York City they found a Thrift Shop but they didn’t know what a thrift shop was so they slowly walked into the store and bought a whole lot of new clothes for Katy. The clothes didn’t look the best but they were alright. But Katy thought they were amazingly Beautiful. It was finally the day Katy started real High School. She was also really excited because she got to wear her new Red hot sweater and blue denim jeans and her red orange hair tied up in a small loose ponytail.

As Katy quickly shut her eyes she rapidly ran straight into the building and had a huge breathe in. She felt so good. 3 minutes past and the school bell loudly rang super fast. And all the kids ran in the hall like a bunch of animals coming from the water hole into there classrooms. Katy was super scared because she didn’t know what was going on. After the swarm of teenagers the little pink group of girls walked slowly past Katy in the hall.

Katy whispered in her head and said I want to be just like those girls but I have to fit in first. So she decided to throw a themed dress up party in the weekend the theme was African cultural theme she only did a party to make the whole school know her. Her first day finally past and she kind of got the hang of it but not that  quiet. She looked through her mom's closet for some pink footwear and pink clothing. But all there was was a skinny pink sleek leathery dress that looked hideous. But Katy said if she wants to fit in she will have to try and wear pink clothing and loose a little bit of weight.

Tuesday arrived and Katy changed a little bit on her first day she started she saw a lot of drama with girls of what they looked like. She she decided to act all dramatic and tried to get attention for friends. Katy found out that she was in the pink girls squad for English, Maths and Drama she was so excited to show off in front of them. But the pink girls thought she was lame. They decided to prank Katy and pull a little trick on her to see if she is worth the group of girls.

The bell quickly rang for English and Katy ran straight to class to see where the pink girls were. But they weren’t there. Katy was panicking she really wanted to impress the girls because Katy bought a new Pink sweater and white denim jeans just for the pink squad. Katy finally got to talk up close with the girls in the popular squad but she didn’t act cool she thought that she was an epic failure. She felt so embarrassed that she fell down in front of everyone  especially the popular girls and splat food all over them. Katy ran straight to the bathroom and fell into tears. She felt like she wanted to run home. Because her house was just across the way from school. Know one cared about her.

Quinlan The News Paper

This week in Miss Clark's Literacy we are learning to Reflect on the text. We had to read all about a book called the class news paper's. It's about a boy who didn't have any news for the new paper article he had to talk about. One day Tama and his family decided to go fishing at there local  beach but they wouldn't catch anything. But later on there beach closed. I hope you like my story.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Never Ending Story Of Candy

Today’s finally the day I get to taste the weird American Candy. As I started to slowly skipping to the American Store, I had so much excitement in me. As I put my white dirty converse shoes into the store I quickly ran to all the chocolate coated delicious candy and slowly popped my hand into everything and quickly through it into the blue small trolley basket.

I was to excited to put anything into the small blue basket I rapidly through 4 bars of chocolate coated peanut buttered Reese's into the blue small trolley basket. After I through the Reese’s in I speedily ran to the other side of the store and promptly chucked a small tiny bag of ( Hot Flaming Cheetos ).

Yes I started to count everything that was in my basket. I had so much delicious mouth watering food ready to be eaten. We finally left the American Store. My mouth was ready to taste the yummy mouth watering food.

We finally arrived at home, I was to excited to eat all the candy . As I slowly  watched the food I obviously wanted to start off with the lovely Peanut Buttery Chocolate Reese’s. As the Hot warm chocolate hit my tongue I slowly felt the peanut butter run down my throat it tasted so superior. After that I decided to taste the hot flaming taste of the light red chips into my mouth. Before I decided to pop the chip into my mouth it started to dry up and my mouth felt like a hot dessert. I slowly applied the hot flaming red Cheetos chip into my mouth. At first it wasn’t that spicy but after 10 to 15 seconds my mouth felt like it was on red hot orange fire.

I hot footed, ran fast all the way to the kitchen bench and quickly sculled a whole glass of cold ice water. I was so refreshed after that, I felt like more chocolate after eating those hot red spicy Cheetos chips. I then decided to look in my bag of yummy goodies and looked for another chocolate bar. At the bottom of the white bag, I reached down to find  another delicious chocolate bar, It was called Hershey’s. I slowly unwrapped the brown packet and saw that the chocolate was to thin.I steadily snapped one block in half and chucked it into my warm mouth. I loved the sweet taste of the warm melted thin chocolate Hershey's in my mouth I couldn’t get the taste away. I decided to chug the rest of the chocolate into my mouth I felt so greedy.

At the bottom of the white thin plastic  bag I felt a small box and I started to shake it. It felt like there were jelly belly beans in them. I shouted out loud it’s the ( Bean Boozled ). I creeped over to my little annoying brother and asked him if he wanted to do the disgusting Bean Boozled Challenge with me. Obviously he said yes. So we finally played the game. Most of the flavors were disgusting. I hated the dreadful taste of the disgusting Mold Cheese jelly bean. I didn’t know that you can get a flavored jelly bean Moldy Cheese. In my head I was thing GROSS. After trying the gross flavors of Jelly beans I speedily looked into the bag and found some long straw looking pink licorice sticks. Oh wait they were called Twizzlers. I quickly unwrapped the red packaging and slowly stuck one whole twisty Twizzlers into my mouth. It tasted horrible, It tasted like a thick chunk of horrible red plastic. After eating the plastic flavored Twizzlers I decided to go for something sweeter creamy and cake type.

I slowly looked through my bag for a creamy delighted dessert and I found a weird shaped mini yellow cake. I think it was called a Twinkie it looked so delicious I had to take a huge big large mouth opening chomp out of it. It tasted so good, It felt like there was this slightly banana taste to the sponge of the cake and in the center of the yellow spongy cake had a huge big blob of cream in the middle. I felt like I was in Candy heaven. I wish that I could eat them all day.
After a while my stomach felt really horrible and I really felt like a sweet tangy drink. Oh wait that’s right I remember I also bought some delicious yummy kool aid. If you don’t know what kool aid is it’s like a drink that we have have here in New Zealand. It’s just like raro but the kool aid drinks have much flavor and different and weird types of flavors. There is also a certain way you have to make the kool aid you have to have sugar water and the kool aid powder.

The kool aid tasted so good. A few hours past and I still felt like more candy but at the same time I can’t drink or eat anymore at the end I wish I could start the day over again and eat the food again. Most of the food  tasted good except for some of them but I was okay with that I hope you enjoyed my story about this delicious candy taste test and I enjoyed it soon. Please leave a comment on my blog thank you. Regards Quinlan

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

George Becoming A Prefect.

On Friday the 6th of May we had a special assembly for George. The whole school attended, except for Mr Burt. At the end of our normal Friday assemblies Mrs Nua called George to the front. His whole family stood up and came to congratulate him, for becoming the newest prefect. Mrs Nua put the new prefect badge into George’s hand.  After that his whole family gave hi
m gifts and Hugs and Kisses. Everyone was proud of him. The whole school started clapping.

Everyone is so happy to see the new prefect is George. The cool thing about George becoming a prefect is, that George started coming to Pt England school this year. Everyone is so proud for George. Out of all the Year 8 students in the senior block, George was the one who got chosen I feel so happy for him.

You can also become a leader if you do your work listen to your home class teacher and stay on task.  

Friday, 10 June 2016

40 Hour Famine 2016

40 Hour Famine 2016.

Today on June the 10th 2016 we are having our sleepover at school for the 4o Hour Famine. Unfortunately, because we're just kids we are only doing 20 hours. 

Tonight we are having heaps of fun and games. Like Dance competition's, playing basketball, karaoke and dancing around. 

We are doing the 40 Hour Famine to fundraise for all the kids in Syria, for there refugee crisis. For a whole 20 hours, we aren't aloud to eat anything from 4pm today until 2:00 pm in the afternoon tomorrow June the 11th. Here are a few pictures that was taken to show you how much fun we had. 

We also have to collect sponsor's from our family members and staff to raise money for the Syrian people. Tonight I have chosen to sleep in a box. I only sleep in a box because some of the Syrian people don't even sleep on anything, I want to sleep in a box because I want to see how it feels to be like them.:)

The name of the teams are called, Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. Yellow team came 3rd place in the dance comp. The blue team came 3rd equal with the yellow team, in 2nd was the red team and in 1st place was my team the green team.


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Waikato Rivers how I Explained

This week Miss Clark's Literacy class has been doing an article about Water and the Waikato rivers. One of the literacy groups had to write down and explain how the Waikato Rivers failed an DNA health test. Here is a picture of my explanation.

My Three Poems

This week we are learning all about Poetry and all the words and reading we can use to get the perfect poem. Today Miss Clark's Literacy Class had to finish off  3 three poems and put them on our blog. Here are three poems that I've made. I hope you like them.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion Assembly Writing

Yes school has finally begun and it’s time for our new term 2 assembly in the hall, I loved Mr Jacobson’s costume it was so unique. His costume was extremely funny and arty. Mr Jacobson was a paint brush and also paint palle. I also liked what Mrs Tele’a was wearing. I also really liked Team 4’s movie. About the Teacher vengers.

Team 5’s  item. Team 5’s item was the very last item out of all of them. They saved the best Item for last. I really liked all the creative costumes the team five teachers were wearing. I thought Mrs Tele’a costume and face paint was the best. I also liked how they made up a race of all the wakas. Hokule’a, Hikianalia, Hine Moana, Te aurere. I was happy Hokule’a won because that’s my house.

My favourite item of all five items was Team 4’s. Because I really liked there movies of Bear Baxindine and all the superheroes. I also liked team 3’s movie. Because it looked like a real movie that is on tv. The outfits team 2 were wearing were really unique. I really liked Miss Eadies costume that was on there movie they made.

I really enjoyed Term 2’s awesome assembly. I thought everyone’s team movies and performances were really fun. Mrs George’s talk was really interesting she was asking everyone questions to win chocolate. Unfortunately I didn’t win any chocolate. The theme for 2016 term , is As I See It.                                        

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Camp Reflection

Last week of term was here. It was time for us to leave camp. All the year 8's were so excited to leave to camp. A few minutes have past and it was time for us to board the bus there were two buses for the year 8's. One bus was really small and was really nice it had air freshener and comfortable seats and it was so quite.  The other bus was big and really loud it was kind of broken at the back the wall of the bus would fall onto you.

We finally arrived to Camp Marsden I was so excited but that bad new about it was all our bags were sitting outside and it started to rain really hard and all of our bags got wet. After we had lunch it was time for us to see our cabins, I was so happy. Once we got to our cabins we all ran and found the bed we wanted to sleep on. After that we had some fun team challenges in the lounging room. Later on it was time for dinner I was super hungry on the first night we had pasta and mince with cheese with some water. For dessert we had an ice cream sundae. It was super yum.

After dinner there was a choice for all the year 8's you got to choose if you want to watch a movie or hang out in the cabins. I decided to watch the movie. About 10 minutes later I started to get bored so I decided to go to the cabins. I saw all my friends in the cabin next to us so I decided to go into there cabins. We all started to eat heaps of candy, It was so delicious. A few minutes later it was time for everyone to go to sleep. The next morning is going to be challenging.

The next morning was the challenging day, where all the groups went and playing there activities. I was in the group One Tree Point A. The people that were in One Tree Point A with me was Ava, Uli, Stevenson Koula, April and Simon. The first activity we did was Archery with Mr Wiseman it was extremely fun. The next activity we did was Cooking with Miss Flavell. Cooking with Miss Flavell was alright. After that was my favorite activity it was the AWESOME, my favorite one was the flying fox, it was the bomb.

Later on after the awesome flying fox was our last activity and that was the cold and fast waterslide, I thought that the waterslide was cool to because I made it all the way to the end. The end of the waterslide was kind of rough on me. It started to get close to the dinner time. On the last night we had butter chicken and rice. For dessert we had mousse. After the delicious dinner it was time for the concert night, my favorite part of the day. First group up was North beach, Then it was One Tree Point and then all the rest. Camp marsden was super fun I enjoyed heaps.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Maths Problem Solving 2016

This week Mrs Tele'a's numeracy class is learning all about protracting and compassing. I hope you like the presentation we were working on this week. I also might be adding to this presentation.

Show Not Tell

As Oliver slowly stomps his way out of the school gates, with all the kids laughing at him, his tears start rolling down his steaming hot face. Oliver furiously speeds past the muddy puddle and takes a big huge stomp and splashes all over the bubbly heat wave covering the whole foot path. Oliver slowly stops, in the middle of the road, as Oliver’s energy temperature slowly goes down, His heart beats as fast as a banging drum. And his tears start to dry up and crumble beside the wings of his eye. On the corner of Oliver’s eye he can see two big shadows behind him , slowly walking closer and closer and closer to Oliver.

Is it the troublemakers, is it his mother, or is it the two grumpy principals. Whispered Oliver. As Oliver slowly moves his body closer to the two big and tall shadows, he scrunches up and lifts his head and slowly closes his eyes. As  he is in f
front of the two shadows he starts to shiver and slowly blink and squint with his eyes. He didn’t know but it was the two grumpy principals who looked straight into his eyes. As the teachers are looking at Oliver he feels like they're putting laser beams into his eyes and torturing him and going to throw him into the evil dark creaking closet.

The teachers quickly grab both of his arms and takes Oliver back into school grounds. The teachers stomps there huge feet through the corridor full of all the children, as Oliver’s head was rising he slowly put his head down again. While all the children were staring at him through all the clear glass windows. On his face all you could see was anger, sadness and fear on his face. As Oliver gets closer to the principal's office he yanks his cold shivering arms out of the teacher’s hands and heads straight to the boys restroom. The teacher sare baning and banging on the boys bathroom door as the teachers are all girls. Oliver slips his way down onto the dirty bathroom floor.

As the 3:00 pm bell rings to go home, Oliver waits and waits until the teachers leave. That is the end of my show not tell stay tuned to read my part 2 of Oliver

Friday, 11 March 2016

The Return Of The Moa

For 2 weeks my literacy class and group Jk Rowlings are doing a presentation about the return of the Moa. Here is a presentation that Miss Clark has put together for the Jk Rowlings and the Louis Sachers to do I hope you like my presentation that I have filled in for this 2 weeks presentation.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Oakley Creek

This week the Jk Rowling literacy group with Miss Clark are reading a text called Oakley creek. It's about a girl who sneaks to Oakley Creek without permission from her mum. So she does it anyways. And Gets in to trouble. In my presentation you can see the evidence that I have found in the story Oakley Creek. Our learning intention for this week was using prior knowledge which is what we already know when making  inferences which is reading in between the lines and reading evidence from the text. I hope you enjoy my Presentation about Oakley Creek.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Priscilla Tui Memorial Service.

Today was a special assembly for the beloved Priscilla Tui who passed away with cancer. The mum of Raewen, Rowana, Oalii, Ofili and Kruz. And the wife of Mose Tui. Today we had a special assembly for Priscilla who had passed away on Moday 29th of February , as she has helped Point England  School with nearly everything. She was a mum to nearly everyone at this school. She was the coach for the Sorority Netball team and helped lots of kids who didn't have food at school. She also was helping with rugby teams and had lots of faith in her children. We all love you Priscilla. This morning lots of kids did lots of precious speeches for Priscilla Tui.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Editing Narratives

This week Miss Clark's literacy class has been learning all about, Narratives. This week we had to edit a narrative Miss Clark wrote. Here is my editing I did. I hope you enjoy my editing I did.

Matt woke up with excitement in the early morning. Matt ate his delicious breakfast. There is an awesome competition at the skatepark today, that he wanted to go to. “ NO “ replied Matt’s mum. Matt is so frustrated so he went to his room. Matt was really upset so he jumped out of his big window. Matt stomped his way to the park.. He saw his friends and replied hi”. A huge earthquake hit the skatepark, monsters slowly crawled out of the dirt ground. Tevita was swallowed by a huge slimy monster!! The monster didn't like the disgusting taste of Tevita so he spat him out. I tried to find my awesome strong mum, because she was a superhero. So she could save the world. My awesome mum said she was not going to help me because I am  really naughty. So she flew super fast to the moon.  Then  the monsters took over the planet. I had to learn how to become a superhero like my mum, to fight the monsters, who are destroying our planet.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

My Visual Mihi

This term team 5 have been working on our visual mihi. On my visual mihi you can see a portrait of me that I drew, You can also see two of the cultures I am. Russian and Romanian. Also I love swimming, I love to watch adventure time. As you can see, you can see a flying cat behind. Well his name is Nyan Cat, I love Nyan cat. I hope you enjoy my visual mihi.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Maths Problem Solving With Mrs Tele'a

This week was team 5's first week with our new numeracy classes for 2016, I love my numeracy class, even if I was in the same numeracy class as last year. This week we are learning to problem solve. Here is a presentation of my working out, for maths. Here are all my questions and answers inside this slide. I hope you enjoy my numeracy presentation.

My Awesome Letter To Miss Berry

My Letter to Miss Berry.

Dear Miss Berry, and welcome to team 5. Is this your first year teaching Year 7 and 8 children ?. My name is Quinlan and i’m a year 8 at Point England School. I am also 11 years old turning 12 this year. I am really nervous to start in a new classroom. All my friends from last year, are with my old teacher Miss Clark again, but i’m not. I feel a little bit upset because I am by myself in Room 4 with know from last year. I’m also really excited that I am year 8 this year. That means we are now the leaders of the school. I love being year 8.

My family and I all grew up in New Zealand Auckland. Except for my dad. He was born in the Cook Islands.In my family I have 3 siblings including me there names are Alexandra and Tipelio. We live in a four bedroom hour in Point England Riverside Avenue. But our house is down a street named Riki Road. In one week’s time my mum will be leaving onto a plane  to Fiji. I also don’t know how long she is leaving for. Also my dad will be leaving soon to go to Wellington for six to nine months. That’s going to be a long time in Wellington.

Last year my mum, brother and I went on a trip to Paihia to visit my grandparents. later on in the day my brother and I decided to go onto to our scooters and easy riders. We wanted to have a race on our scooters going down the steep hard footpath. Once we rode up to the top we looked down. I said to my brother it is too steep to ride back down. He did it before but only half way, and he fell off his scooter. So I told him to just walk down the Hill. I slowly rode down the hill. But straight away once I left he disobeyed me, and went down the hill super fast. I tried to warn him but he didn’t listen. So he did what he did before. He fell of his scooter and scraped his whole arm across the hard rock footpath. There was blood dripping everywhere I felt like spewing everywhere.

Here are foods I really enjoy eating, dumplings, sushi, butter chicken, olives and beetroot. My favourite singer is Taylor Swift, But my favourite boy singer is Justin Bieber. Some of the things I like to do is Going swimming in the pool and taking videos and photos underwater with my waterproof camera. I also love filming and taking photos of my family. My family thinks I’m a really good photographer. I also think I can take good photos.

Some of the things that I think I’m good at, that I think is a talent is.... I think I am really good at swimming. I also can’t wait till we do swimming lessons with school this Friday. Another talent that i’m good at is filming and taking photos. If you didn’t know.