Friday, 26 February 2016

Editing Narratives

This week Miss Clark's literacy class has been learning all about, Narratives. This week we had to edit a narrative Miss Clark wrote. Here is my editing I did. I hope you enjoy my editing I did.

Matt woke up with excitement in the early morning. Matt ate his delicious breakfast. There is an awesome competition at the skatepark today, that he wanted to go to. “ NO “ replied Matt’s mum. Matt is so frustrated so he went to his room. Matt was really upset so he jumped out of his big window. Matt stomped his way to the park.. He saw his friends and replied hi”. A huge earthquake hit the skatepark, monsters slowly crawled out of the dirt ground. Tevita was swallowed by a huge slimy monster!! The monster didn't like the disgusting taste of Tevita so he spat him out. I tried to find my awesome strong mum, because she was a superhero. So she could save the world. My awesome mum said she was not going to help me because I am  really naughty. So she flew super fast to the moon.  Then  the monsters took over the planet. I had to learn how to become a superhero like my mum, to fight the monsters, who are destroying our planet.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

My Visual Mihi

This term team 5 have been working on our visual mihi. On my visual mihi you can see a portrait of me that I drew, You can also see two of the cultures I am. Russian and Romanian. Also I love swimming, I love to watch adventure time. As you can see, you can see a flying cat behind. Well his name is Nyan Cat, I love Nyan cat. I hope you enjoy my visual mihi.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Maths Problem Solving With Mrs Tele'a

This week was team 5's first week with our new numeracy classes for 2016, I love my numeracy class, even if I was in the same numeracy class as last year. This week we are learning to problem solve. Here is a presentation of my working out, for maths. Here are all my questions and answers inside this slide. I hope you enjoy my numeracy presentation.

My Awesome Letter To Miss Berry

My Letter to Miss Berry.

Dear Miss Berry, and welcome to team 5. Is this your first year teaching Year 7 and 8 children ?. My name is Quinlan and i’m a year 8 at Point England School. I am also 11 years old turning 12 this year. I am really nervous to start in a new classroom. All my friends from last year, are with my old teacher Miss Clark again, but i’m not. I feel a little bit upset because I am by myself in Room 4 with know from last year. I’m also really excited that I am year 8 this year. That means we are now the leaders of the school. I love being year 8.

My family and I all grew up in New Zealand Auckland. Except for my dad. He was born in the Cook Islands.In my family I have 3 siblings including me there names are Alexandra and Tipelio. We live in a four bedroom hour in Point England Riverside Avenue. But our house is down a street named Riki Road. In one week’s time my mum will be leaving onto a plane  to Fiji. I also don’t know how long she is leaving for. Also my dad will be leaving soon to go to Wellington for six to nine months. That’s going to be a long time in Wellington.

Last year my mum, brother and I went on a trip to Paihia to visit my grandparents. later on in the day my brother and I decided to go onto to our scooters and easy riders. We wanted to have a race on our scooters going down the steep hard footpath. Once we rode up to the top we looked down. I said to my brother it is too steep to ride back down. He did it before but only half way, and he fell off his scooter. So I told him to just walk down the Hill. I slowly rode down the hill. But straight away once I left he disobeyed me, and went down the hill super fast. I tried to warn him but he didn’t listen. So he did what he did before. He fell of his scooter and scraped his whole arm across the hard rock footpath. There was blood dripping everywhere I felt like spewing everywhere.

Here are foods I really enjoy eating, dumplings, sushi, butter chicken, olives and beetroot. My favourite singer is Taylor Swift, But my favourite boy singer is Justin Bieber. Some of the things I like to do is Going swimming in the pool and taking videos and photos underwater with my waterproof camera. I also love filming and taking photos of my family. My family thinks I’m a really good photographer. I also think I can take good photos.

Some of the things that I think I’m good at, that I think is a talent is.... I think I am really good at swimming. I also can’t wait till we do swimming lessons with school this Friday. Another talent that i’m good at is filming and taking photos. If you didn’t know.