Friday, 26 February 2016

Editing Narratives

This week Miss Clark's literacy class has been learning all about, Narratives. This week we had to edit a narrative Miss Clark wrote. Here is my editing I did. I hope you enjoy my editing I did.

Matt woke up with excitement in the early morning. Matt ate his delicious breakfast. There is an awesome competition at the skatepark today, that he wanted to go to. “ NO “ replied Matt’s mum. Matt is so frustrated so he went to his room. Matt was really upset so he jumped out of his big window. Matt stomped his way to the park.. He saw his friends and replied hi”. A huge earthquake hit the skatepark, monsters slowly crawled out of the dirt ground. Tevita was swallowed by a huge slimy monster!! The monster didn't like the disgusting taste of Tevita so he spat him out. I tried to find my awesome strong mum, because she was a superhero. So she could save the world. My awesome mum said she was not going to help me because I am  really naughty. So she flew super fast to the moon.  Then  the monsters took over the planet. I had to learn how to become a superhero like my mum, to fight the monsters, who are destroying our planet.

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