Monday, 14 March 2016

Show Not Tell

As Oliver slowly stomps his way out of the school gates, with all the kids laughing at him, his tears start rolling down his steaming hot face. Oliver furiously speeds past the muddy puddle and takes a big huge stomp and splashes all over the bubbly heat wave covering the whole foot path. Oliver slowly stops, in the middle of the road, as Oliver’s energy temperature slowly goes down, His heart beats as fast as a banging drum. And his tears start to dry up and crumble beside the wings of his eye. On the corner of Oliver’s eye he can see two big shadows behind him , slowly walking closer and closer and closer to Oliver.

Is it the troublemakers, is it his mother, or is it the two grumpy principals. Whispered Oliver. As Oliver slowly moves his body closer to the two big and tall shadows, he scrunches up and lifts his head and slowly closes his eyes. As  he is in f
front of the two shadows he starts to shiver and slowly blink and squint with his eyes. He didn’t know but it was the two grumpy principals who looked straight into his eyes. As the teachers are looking at Oliver he feels like they're putting laser beams into his eyes and torturing him and going to throw him into the evil dark creaking closet.

The teachers quickly grab both of his arms and takes Oliver back into school grounds. The teachers stomps there huge feet through the corridor full of all the children, as Oliver’s head was rising he slowly put his head down again. While all the children were staring at him through all the clear glass windows. On his face all you could see was anger, sadness and fear on his face. As Oliver gets closer to the principal's office he yanks his cold shivering arms out of the teacher’s hands and heads straight to the boys restroom. The teacher sare baning and banging on the boys bathroom door as the teachers are all girls. Oliver slips his way down onto the dirty bathroom floor.

As the 3:00 pm bell rings to go home, Oliver waits and waits until the teachers leave. That is the end of my show not tell stay tuned to read my part 2 of Oliver

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