Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Camp Reflection

Last week of term was here. It was time for us to leave camp. All the year 8's were so excited to leave to camp. A few minutes have past and it was time for us to board the bus there were two buses for the year 8's. One bus was really small and was really nice it had air freshener and comfortable seats and it was so quite.  The other bus was big and really loud it was kind of broken at the back the wall of the bus would fall onto you.

We finally arrived to Camp Marsden I was so excited but that bad new about it was all our bags were sitting outside and it started to rain really hard and all of our bags got wet. After we had lunch it was time for us to see our cabins, I was so happy. Once we got to our cabins we all ran and found the bed we wanted to sleep on. After that we had some fun team challenges in the lounging room. Later on it was time for dinner I was super hungry on the first night we had pasta and mince with cheese with some water. For dessert we had an ice cream sundae. It was super yum.

After dinner there was a choice for all the year 8's you got to choose if you want to watch a movie or hang out in the cabins. I decided to watch the movie. About 10 minutes later I started to get bored so I decided to go to the cabins. I saw all my friends in the cabin next to us so I decided to go into there cabins. We all started to eat heaps of candy, It was so delicious. A few minutes later it was time for everyone to go to sleep. The next morning is going to be challenging.

The next morning was the challenging day, where all the groups went and playing there activities. I was in the group One Tree Point A. The people that were in One Tree Point A with me was Ava, Uli, Stevenson Koula, April and Simon. The first activity we did was Archery with Mr Wiseman it was extremely fun. The next activity we did was Cooking with Miss Flavell. Cooking with Miss Flavell was alright. After that was my favorite activity it was the AWESOME, my favorite one was the flying fox, it was the bomb.

Later on after the awesome flying fox was our last activity and that was the cold and fast waterslide, I thought that the waterslide was cool to because I made it all the way to the end. The end of the waterslide was kind of rough on me. It started to get close to the dinner time. On the last night we had butter chicken and rice. For dessert we had mousse. After the delicious dinner it was time for the concert night, my favorite part of the day. First group up was North beach, Then it was One Tree Point and then all the rest. Camp marsden was super fun I enjoyed heaps.


  1. I like your writing but I think next time you can do better.

  2. Hi Quinlan I really like what you have wrote. I hope you had fun at camp and good Dreams, Keep the good work up.

    By Machelle Marsters


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