Friday, 10 June 2016

40 Hour Famine 2016

40 Hour Famine 2016.

Today on June the 10th 2016 we are having our sleepover at school for the 4o Hour Famine. Unfortunately, because we're just kids we are only doing 20 hours. 

Tonight we are having heaps of fun and games. Like Dance competition's, playing basketball, karaoke and dancing around. 

We are doing the 40 Hour Famine to fundraise for all the kids in Syria, for there refugee crisis. For a whole 20 hours, we aren't aloud to eat anything from 4pm today until 2:00 pm in the afternoon tomorrow June the 11th. Here are a few pictures that was taken to show you how much fun we had. 

We also have to collect sponsor's from our family members and staff to raise money for the Syrian people. Tonight I have chosen to sleep in a box. I only sleep in a box because some of the Syrian people don't even sleep on anything, I want to sleep in a box because I want to see how it feels to be like them.:)

The name of the teams are called, Green, Blue, Red and Yellow. Yellow team came 3rd place in the dance comp. The blue team came 3rd equal with the yellow team, in 2nd was the red team and in 1st place was my team the green team.


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