Thursday, 23 June 2016

Never Ending Story Of Candy

Today’s finally the day I get to taste the weird American Candy. As I started to slowly skipping to the American Store, I had so much excitement in me. As I put my white dirty converse shoes into the store I quickly ran to all the chocolate coated delicious candy and slowly popped my hand into everything and quickly through it into the blue small trolley basket.

I was to excited to put anything into the small blue basket I rapidly through 4 bars of chocolate coated peanut buttered Reese's into the blue small trolley basket. After I through the Reese’s in I speedily ran to the other side of the store and promptly chucked a small tiny bag of ( Hot Flaming Cheetos ).

Yes I started to count everything that was in my basket. I had so much delicious mouth watering food ready to be eaten. We finally left the American Store. My mouth was ready to taste the yummy mouth watering food.

We finally arrived at home, I was to excited to eat all the candy . As I slowly  watched the food I obviously wanted to start off with the lovely Peanut Buttery Chocolate Reese’s. As the Hot warm chocolate hit my tongue I slowly felt the peanut butter run down my throat it tasted so superior. After that I decided to taste the hot flaming taste of the light red chips into my mouth. Before I decided to pop the chip into my mouth it started to dry up and my mouth felt like a hot dessert. I slowly applied the hot flaming red Cheetos chip into my mouth. At first it wasn’t that spicy but after 10 to 15 seconds my mouth felt like it was on red hot orange fire.

I hot footed, ran fast all the way to the kitchen bench and quickly sculled a whole glass of cold ice water. I was so refreshed after that, I felt like more chocolate after eating those hot red spicy Cheetos chips. I then decided to look in my bag of yummy goodies and looked for another chocolate bar. At the bottom of the white bag, I reached down to find  another delicious chocolate bar, It was called Hershey’s. I slowly unwrapped the brown packet and saw that the chocolate was to thin.I steadily snapped one block in half and chucked it into my warm mouth. I loved the sweet taste of the warm melted thin chocolate Hershey's in my mouth I couldn’t get the taste away. I decided to chug the rest of the chocolate into my mouth I felt so greedy.

At the bottom of the white thin plastic  bag I felt a small box and I started to shake it. It felt like there were jelly belly beans in them. I shouted out loud it’s the ( Bean Boozled ). I creeped over to my little annoying brother and asked him if he wanted to do the disgusting Bean Boozled Challenge with me. Obviously he said yes. So we finally played the game. Most of the flavors were disgusting. I hated the dreadful taste of the disgusting Mold Cheese jelly bean. I didn’t know that you can get a flavored jelly bean Moldy Cheese. In my head I was thing GROSS. After trying the gross flavors of Jelly beans I speedily looked into the bag and found some long straw looking pink licorice sticks. Oh wait they were called Twizzlers. I quickly unwrapped the red packaging and slowly stuck one whole twisty Twizzlers into my mouth. It tasted horrible, It tasted like a thick chunk of horrible red plastic. After eating the plastic flavored Twizzlers I decided to go for something sweeter creamy and cake type.

I slowly looked through my bag for a creamy delighted dessert and I found a weird shaped mini yellow cake. I think it was called a Twinkie it looked so delicious I had to take a huge big large mouth opening chomp out of it. It tasted so good, It felt like there was this slightly banana taste to the sponge of the cake and in the center of the yellow spongy cake had a huge big blob of cream in the middle. I felt like I was in Candy heaven. I wish that I could eat them all day.
After a while my stomach felt really horrible and I really felt like a sweet tangy drink. Oh wait that’s right I remember I also bought some delicious yummy kool aid. If you don’t know what kool aid is it’s like a drink that we have have here in New Zealand. It’s just like raro but the kool aid drinks have much flavor and different and weird types of flavors. There is also a certain way you have to make the kool aid you have to have sugar water and the kool aid powder.

The kool aid tasted so good. A few hours past and I still felt like more candy but at the same time I can’t drink or eat anymore at the end I wish I could start the day over again and eat the food again. Most of the food  tasted good except for some of them but I was okay with that I hope you enjoyed my story about this delicious candy taste test and I enjoyed it soon. Please leave a comment on my blog thank you. Regards Quinlan

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