Monday, 25 July 2016

Intro Ratios 2016

This week we are learning about Ratio's and Proportions. Today We had to finish a little presentation of fruit and shapes to help us with our ratios. It was kind of an introduction because it was a little bit easy for me. So I hope you enjoy my Questions and Answers for my little Presentation.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A New Start

Once upon a time there lived a young teenager named Katy and she was also an only child, but she loved it. She loved living her young life with no siblings to annoy her so she can have some peace with her parents. Katy also lived in south Africa and she was obviously home schooled in south Africa and she loved it. Because all she got to learn about was south African animals, her favorite animal was the African Giraffe. But her parents wanted her to have a good education so Katy’s parents decided to move her to the United States Of America, for a better education. A few weeks later Katy packed all her clothes even though they weren’t suitable for real High School. So straight away when they arrived to america’s official airport they went for the little walk in there huge ginormous cities for some suitable clothes for high school.

As Katy and her mum went for a little walk around New York City they found a Thrift Shop but they didn’t know what a thrift shop was so they slowly walked into the store and bought a whole lot of new clothes for Katy. The clothes didn’t look the best but they were alright. But Katy thought they were amazingly Beautiful. It was finally the day Katy started real High School. She was also really excited because she got to wear her new Red hot sweater and blue denim jeans and her red orange hair tied up in a small loose ponytail.

As Katy quickly shut her eyes she rapidly ran straight into the building and had a huge breathe in. She felt so good. 3 minutes past and the school bell loudly rang super fast. And all the kids ran in the hall like a bunch of animals coming from the water hole into there classrooms. Katy was super scared because she didn’t know what was going on. After the swarm of teenagers the little pink group of girls walked slowly past Katy in the hall.

Katy whispered in her head and said I want to be just like those girls but I have to fit in first. So she decided to throw a themed dress up party in the weekend the theme was African cultural theme she only did a party to make the whole school know her. Her first day finally past and she kind of got the hang of it but not that  quiet. She looked through her mom's closet for some pink footwear and pink clothing. But all there was was a skinny pink sleek leathery dress that looked hideous. But Katy said if she wants to fit in she will have to try and wear pink clothing and loose a little bit of weight.

Tuesday arrived and Katy changed a little bit on her first day she started she saw a lot of drama with girls of what they looked like. She she decided to act all dramatic and tried to get attention for friends. Katy found out that she was in the pink girls squad for English, Maths and Drama she was so excited to show off in front of them. But the pink girls thought she was lame. They decided to prank Katy and pull a little trick on her to see if she is worth the group of girls.

The bell quickly rang for English and Katy ran straight to class to see where the pink girls were. But they weren’t there. Katy was panicking she really wanted to impress the girls because Katy bought a new Pink sweater and white denim jeans just for the pink squad. Katy finally got to talk up close with the girls in the popular squad but she didn’t act cool she thought that she was an epic failure. She felt so embarrassed that she fell down in front of everyone  especially the popular girls and splat food all over them. Katy ran straight to the bathroom and fell into tears. She felt like she wanted to run home. Because her house was just across the way from school. Know one cared about her.

Quinlan The News Paper

This week in Miss Clark's Literacy we are learning to Reflect on the text. We had to read all about a book called the class news paper's. It's about a boy who didn't have any news for the new paper article he had to talk about. One day Tama and his family decided to go fishing at there local  beach but they wouldn't catch anything. But later on there beach closed. I hope you like my story.