Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Cross Country

As the tall long black microphone slowly rings for the year 8 girls, at a slow speed I felt a burning sensation of nervousness rush through my steaming body. I slowly walked with a lack of excitement as 1000 butterflies circulated in my stomach. At a slow speed I walked all the way to the white spray painted starting line,I got really nervous for the big tough race. I could loudly hear loads of cheering voices screaming at me as the little kids greatly screamed in a loud volume as we got started for the big race.

Mr Burt leisurely placed his hot red hands onto the big loud red and black slap banger. All the year 8 girls slowly paced themselves and quickly got into their starting positions, Once Mr Burt called out “ Get ready” I felt like I was going to faint. The race finally started, as the whole crowd of nervous year 8 girls rapidly ran their fastest all around the big muddy green grass field. Once I hit the black spiky long gate I could feel a big burn of tiredness in my hot red body.

As I saw most of the fast year eight’s past me I felt very upset so I quickly put one foot in front of the other and sprinted till I made it to the top 5 girls. As I  slowly got half way to get onto my second lap I caught up to some of the fastest girls in year 8. I was thinking to myself as I was running, that I wanted to beat my high score from last year. In my stomach I could feel a bubbly popping feeling in my stomach as it was fastly spinning round and round and round. Like a huge washing machine.

As I slowly jogged past the muddy farm, I feel my toes squishing and squashing between the slimy brown mud. A small group of girls slowly tried  to jog past me but when i saw them to to sprint past me I picked up my speed and tried to catch up to the other small group of 3 girls who were in front of me by 3 metres.

In the hotness of the sun I could hardly see what was in front of me until I slowly started to jog a little but faster. My tempere started to slowly rise down as in the shadows I could see the whole school cheering and the parents standing by as my heart started to beat faster I took a big step and sprinted to the end of my destination. I foot went and I finished the heart beating race.

Olympic Updates ?

This week we have been learning all about the Olympics. Here is an awesome presentation, all about the Olympic injuries and some good updates in the Olympics 2016. I hope you enjoy my facts and updates.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Quinlan A Bumpy Road to Rio

This week room 2's literacy class has been learning all about the Olympics. Here is a presentation of me answering questions all about the bad things that have been happening over time with the Olympics.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How the Olympics came to be.

According to the history of the Olympics. The Ancient Olympics Games were held all the way back to 776 BC. In the history of time, the Olympics games were held in Olympia. It was mostly dedicated for the Olympian Gods, The Olympian Gods were staged on the ancient plains of Olympia. They continued the Olympics Games for nearly 12 Centuries later. Until Emperor Theodosius decreed in 393 AD.  

The Olympic games were held in the western area of Olympia, Which is a city in Greece. According to the Peloponnese Greek Mythology. Comparing this year’s Olympics to the ancient Olympics centuries ago. Various things have changed in the Olympics. In the ancient times, the Greek would not do sports but they would do lots of Fighting and Music, Here are a few of the sports/things they did centuries ago.

The Olympics Sports are for all the top Athletes from around the world to compete in won lucky country to  see who are the top countries of the whole entire world.
The youngest Athlete to compete in the Olympics history was just 10 years old. His name was Dimitrios Loundras. He had received a bronze medal in a small team event. The event he Competed in was Relay Races.

The events were held in the Games where there was Shot put, Sprints, Boxing, and More. But slowly over time the events evolved. But nowadays the Olympics have way more games and sports to play. In the olden days the rewards were leaf crowns and plants or flowers. But now days we just get Gold, Silver and bronze medals. But it means a lot to everyone.

Quinlan Sleep Sleuths

This week our literacy classes have been learning all about Sleeping and  exercise here is a quick presentation about a book call Sleep Sleuths that talks about dreaming the body clock the sleep cycle. And there is also a link that shows you the spreadsheet  of what time year 10's go to sleep. I hope you enjoy my presentation.        

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Quinlan Why Do Our Muscles Hurt ??

This week our Literacy class has been learning all about training and Olympics. Here is a Quick and small little Presentation of me working out some questions and Answers with my Book we had to read called ( Why Do Our Muscles Hurt.) There is also some Key Facts about Training and Muscles. I hope you like it.